What and How is A Spiritual Attunement Anyway? – By John Gregor

An attunement is basically a way of making a map in your consciousness. Before the map it’s like searching for the needle in the proverbial haystack – only you may not even be able to see the haystack. The attunement forms the pathways required to feel, see, hear or otherwise perceive certain directions. Keep in mind that this is a very simplified description of a process that can be very complex, but that is the overall meaning of it.

In the past disciples have received attunements without really thinking about the consequences and it is more in recent years, particularly with the internet that information is now getting out about the downside. Basically when we talk about energetic contracts we are talking about an attunement and this can go either way depending on the person doing the attuning.

An attunement creates energetic pathways that help to channel or connect with parts of your consciousness and the dimensions that are accessed through those pathways. Look at it like how a radio tunes into particular frequencies and you have an idea of how a basic attunement may work. The thing to remember though is that you can’t always just turn an attunement off the same way that a radio can be turned off. This is the reason why it is important to have trust with the facilitator doing the attuning.

Trust needs to be there on many levels. Ideally you’d like the facilitator to be a master at what they do. Now these days everyone and their uncle is suddenly a grandmaster of this certification or that system and new religion but it is critical to always remember what mastery really means: It is absolute control over every aspect of what is involved.

A master needs to be able to do the work with absolute precision, but they also need to be able to undo the work.

It’s also important that the facilitator has good intentions and I’ll extend this to also mean that they are not so arrogant as to believe that they are the only ones to understand your spiritual destiny and so take it upon themselves to add all their own beliefs – often limiting into the attunement.

In my opinion, the best attunements are done by facilitators who respect and understand the importance of allowing others to discover their own spiritual destiny. This means that rather than trying to push or pull through adding energies and unnecessary contracts into the attunement, that they simply create a neutral map within the consciousness and allow the choice to remain with the person. This may not seem like the most “exciting” option in the beginning but in the long run the opportunity to drive your own spiritual vehicle will take you far further than any tour bus could ever hope to. Furthermore, it is the freedom to choose and to master your own spiritual destiny that is ultimately important. It’s what the journey is all about!

So choose wisely. Choose facilitators, teachers, guides and knowledge that respect your freedom to understand and choose your own destiny in your own way. These will be the ones that offer tools, systems and guidance but do not require that you conform to their rules or worse still, try to shuffle their rules in through the back door.

John Gregor