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Developing connection to intuition and the higher self.

The Closed Mind – Mastering Inner Strength and Control

The idea of the open mind has been responsible for much misdirection on the spiritual journey. It has even been used as an insult: “You have such a closed mind.” The truth is that a closed mind is one of the most powerful tools for accelerating spiritual growth, and for that matter any development at all.

Developing a closed mind is about developing inner control. By learning to close the mind to many opportunities, the mind learns to focus on just those opportunities that are of value and meaning. Instead of embracing everything and its dog, we become critical of what is worth embracing and what is not.

This requires not just judging aspects of reality at face value, but also investigating “what works.” In other words, while we may not consider certain experiences to have value, we may not be able to get out of dealing with them anyhow. A true critical mind must acknowledge this and recognize that conscious growth is as much about directing our evolution as it is about understanding where we are right now.

The closed mind is what grabs all the loose ends and draws them together. Without a closed mind we will allow everything else to be as it is, but we will fail to integrate these aspects into our own purpose and direction.

A closed mind is the mind that enables us to resist those things which would lead us off the path of truth. It is the mind that is vigilant to what is of value and meaning. Dedication is the essence of the closed mind, for it is dedication to a cause or direction which puts this value above and beyond other aspects of reality. Commitment too is congruent with the closed mind, for it is commitment that focuses purely on the goal ahead, remaining unattached to all that is of lesser priority.

By filtering out what is of no use to our main purpose, we refine that which is of real power and value. Concepts and ideas develop into techniques and abilities. Metaphors and theories become actions and realities. Each aspect of the closed mind offers an opportunity for opening at a deeper level. It is the same depth that an Olympic athlete earns when they decide to dedicate themselves to their art, forgoing many experiences that others of our world would have. It is the same depth that an adept at metaphysical manipulation gains when they shut themselves off from distraction in order to hone their skills.

The more passionate and inspired we become about a direction or purpose, the more that we choose to become dedicated and committed. This is a law of the universe. Following this law is what allows us to experience deep and real meaning in our lives. In the beginning it is learning that closing or opening the mind is not about right or wrong, but rather about appropriateness. Through the course of development from beginning to mastery, we come to understand and experience that there is in truth no absolute closure or openings. Each closure presents the opportunity for opening and each opening closes other doors. The closed mind is a choice to halt those experiences that we believe limit our development and to maximize those experiences that would support and accelerate us. In the end however, this will ultimately lead to a continual inner opening, deeper and yet deeper, until all the openings are occurring within the field of our truest meaning and purpose.


Surrender – Opening your Mind, Spirit and Heart

In any communication there is a balance of listening and expression. The deeper our ability to listen, the more effective our ability to express becomes. Listening allows us to understand the essence of what is being conveyed to us and to reciprocate with precision and clarity. This is essentially what surrender is all about. Surrender is a yielding in order to gain understanding – and understanding is everything. It is the knowledge that allows us to act with intention and purpose. It is the ability that allows us to create empowerment, it is conscious transformation and it is mastery.

When the channel between the Higher Self and the consciousness has been opened, it takes about 14 days to make this connection permanent. Depending on the thickness of the channel, spiritual information will either trickle or pour like a waterfall interacting with the mind and physical body. The more willing we are to surrender and at least for the time being ‘give up’ our own expression and simply “listen,” the more information and knowledge we will absorb and integrate into ourselves. As each channel becomes open to receive it clears the way for knowledge and energy to come through. In a sense it is like having many water hoses. As long as we are pushing our expression through, it is difficult to receive energy coming the other way. When we surrender, we stop for a time pushing out our own essence and listen to what else is there. Ironically, what comes back is our own essence but so much more also.

The Higher Self has the ability to encompass what we are because its plane of existence is multi-dimensional. Integration of the Higher Self into the body trains the body to increase its perception of dimensional planes. This is what lifts the body from a 3 dimensional state to 4, then 5 and more planes of existence. This is what it means to “ascend.” Spiritual power can only exist at a limited level at the 3rd dimension, simply because the 3rd dimension has its own set of laws. As the body is trained to connect to higher dimensions it is no longer just in the 3rd dimension, and so it gains the experience and ability to use and call on a broader range of spiritual power. This only occurs if the practice includes the physical body. Meditations and practices that exclude the physical are splitting the mind from the body and so they do not gain this benefit of integration. This is also the reason why many spiritual masters have developed physical health problems. Their higher plane bodies became so powerful and full of higher energies, but their physical bodies could not hold or maintain these levels and so they overloaded, short circuited and their physical bodies died. Interestingly, many masters who had ascended and split from their bodies before, have chosen to come back to this plane to learn how to fully ascend inclusive of the physical.

Another thing that is important to note is that full integration of the physical plane with the higher planes will allow us to manifest and “fit in” to this world, so to speak. This avoids all the pit falls of spirituality that is insubstantial or full of “fluff” so to speak. Spiritual power becomes manifest not just in life philosophy and attitude but in the very way that we connect with physical reality. The structures that are our physical bodies and minds pour in higher dimensional energies. These are integrated using our physical bodies as “converters.” Through this channel the multiple dimensions can meet without hindrance or obstacle. This is the essence of “surrender.”


Expanding Awareness – Evolution of the Mind, Body and Consciousness

Awareness is understanding, the expansion of awareness is the expansion and deepening of understanding. Generating the forms of mind required to deepen awareness is about ability and skill. Without ability and skill the same patterns of awareness will repeat themselves. Deepening awareness requires the ability to first recognize the gates, then to recognize the key required to open the gate, and lastly the skill to move through the portal that is formed. In opposition will be the magnetism of old patterns of awareness. It is for this reason that self-discipline has always been the first key to mental mastery. Self-discipline is the strength to keep the mind to the grindstone.

As the mind initially enters each space of awareness it must learn to adjust its tension. Each shift will seem like a stretching, as if no more can be encompassed and yet we must seek the spaces where more openings can be found. This can only be accomplished through working each form into the mind. Each time we walk this “groove” with our mind, it learns through intense observation the communication that exists within this space of awareness. Without the skills to “listen” and communicate with the energies that exist here, we will not gain the keys to further expansion. Pure strength and will is not enough, because where one gate will require rigid strength, another will absorb this type of strength like a sponge, instead requiring a formula or an intelligent communication. It is recognition of these keys that students and seekers have classically come to masters for, however there must be a balance between blindly accepting keys and the process of learning to recognize keys on our own. While simply taking and training in a key will open up the experience for us, we will pass by the vital opportunity to develop the sensitivity required to recognize within our own consciousness. Without this sensitivity we may gain spiritual and metaphysical experiences, but we will lack the ability to choose and direct those experiences.

This can be likened to the difference between being told the exact words required to enact a conversation and being taught how to express communication with conscious influence and direction. Ultimately learning how to communicate through our own consciousness is what is important, however neglecting the understanding of exact words or keys would be foolhardy. Just as we need to learn etiquettes to communicate within the external world, understanding language within the world of consciousness is vital. Eventually our grasp of the language becomes fluent and we can critically decide what parts to lose and what to keep. At this point we have learnt how to express meaning with less and less importance placed on form or etiquette. However this state can only be achieved through first mastering the form. It is again similar to verbal communication in that exact phrases and such are very useful when learning a language. Then when fluency is achieved forms can be restructured in order to refine the meaning and expression within. By learning to observe the effect of a ‘phrase’ or ‘word’ we understand the meaning behind the form. It is this energy or influence behind the form that is most important. This is what unlocks dormant awareness. It is through this process of unlocking, observing, stretching and alert focus that awareness is expanded.


Where Spirit Exists

What is the purpose of spirituality? What are the reasons for it? Why have we created it? Why do we seek spirit? Why is it important to some and irrelevant to others? What has it done for us lately?

Spirituality like anything, only holds power because of the value and meaning that we perceive in it.

This is the reason why real ability and skill is important. Without the ability to perceive and connect with spirit, spirituality is simply a set of blind beliefs. These beliefs remain blind until the ability to see is developed. As long as we are blind or partially blind to spirituality we will not understand the opportunities or benefits available to us. So in a very literal sense, the purpose and reasons for us seeking it will continue to elude us. We may hear stories of spiritual knowledge and power and think “Gee that sounds alright!”, but these will just be thoughts and words without actual experience.

Defining spirituality from experience is important because it separates and distills what holds meaning and value for us from what does not. We need to be clear on what it is that we are seeking and this requires blunt and direct honesty. If we rely on theory and concept over actual experience then we are compromising real understanding. Theories no matter how good are simply ideas. Real understanding comes from taking these ideas and integrating them into a course of action. For example we may have an idea that expressing our emotions is of some use. We may gather all the evidence to support this idea and in our mind it may seem like God’s have gifted us with their wisdom. However without putting this idea into action, without actually expressing our emotions, we will never know the truth of this wisdom.

Spirituality is a big word. It essentially means to connect with spirit, but this in itself holds many unknowns, one of which is “where is this spirit thing?” Interesting then that many aspects of spiritual society choose to hold onto the known and shy from the unknown. Spiritual logic or logic of any kind would suggest that if spirit has unknown qualities, that delving into the unknown would then be a valuable course of action. This is where faith comes into it once more. Faith is a concept and as a concept it becomes refined when it is tested. There are so many untouchable qualities about “spirituality.” Keep pushing and digging in our consciousness and we find a point that wants to cling to dogma, faith and concept. Dig a little deeper and we find fear. It is essentially the good old God fearing persona, the one that does not want to question or investigate its betters for fear of punishment. It is no wonder that with this type of fear that mastery, enlightenment and real power elude us. Again, these fears and beliefs are simply concepts that require testing.

The battlefield where all our beliefs, ideas and concepts are tested is within our own practice. It is through aligning our inner values into our actions. Things can get sticky at times. Sometimes our most cherished ideas get trampled on mercilessly by experiences that reject them. We may for instance have the idea that “spirituality is everywhere and in all things”. It is experience that will either reflect this – or not. Our findings here give us something tangible to work with. If this idea holds under the steady and rigorous criticism of actual experience, not just intellectual argument, then it contains true value. If it does not hold this does not necessarily mean that the idea is invalid, it may simply require that our abilities and skills require further development. Of course sometimes we need to admit that what once seemed like a novel idea just doesn’t cut it in the real world.

This is how we evolve our spiritual understanding and as our understanding evolves, so too does our understanding of where spirit exits. This is essentially what is happening – we are understanding connection, but connection can only be understood by experiencing where the object of connection exists. Spiritual connection or existence then is a process of looking and finding, as well as looking and not finding. The places where spirit exists then provide a connection – places with which to develop paths to our consciousness. The places which do not connect are not discarded, but rather we refine the method of connection within ourselves.

An interesting thing happens when we test our ideas, concepts and beliefs. The destruction of these makes the mind more fluid. Through this flexible flow, we regain the ability to connect where once we could not. Once again our understanding changes, as the places that we knew with+ certainty that spirit was not, open up and show us that it is in fact there. This opening does not occur through wishful thinking, holding onto ideas, concepts or beliefs. It occurs through practice, critical thinking, developing ability and understanding.


Arrogance – Transcending the Ego – Finding the True Higher Self

The fear of being arrogant is one of the greatest hindrances to spiritual development. This perception prevents us from acknowledging our strengths and accomplishments. Without full acknowledgment, it is impossible to fully understand these strengths and abilities. Acknowledgment is awareness and honesty. Just as limitations need to be seen in order to be transcended, strengths need to be noticed in order to further evolve them.

The development of skill, power and ability will take us through the full gamut of emotions. When we fail we feel humbled, when we achieve we feel proud. This is emotional scenery. They have nothing to do with the achievement of real mastery. If we are to reach the goal of mastery, then pride, humility, arrogance and joy must become second to the main journey. We enjoy, we grieve, we rage and love, but we do not allow any of these to sway us from the path.

Arrogance is a strange one indeed. The path of spirituality is inextricably linked to that of self-mastery. Mastery is simply the ability to control our mind, body and consciousness. This control becomes a precision instrument for connecting and communicating with more expansive and subtle levels of reality. However we may choose to define spirituality, there is most definitely the opportunity to communicate with more than the “physical” when we develop the abilities to do so.

The fear of arrogance almost implies that we cannot acknowledge a difference between ourselves and others. The irony is that it is our perception of difference that started us on this journey in the first place. As we develop a little skill we believe that we must remain humble and so we repress the parts of us that would acknowledge these skills. This repression is a conscious and direct shutting down of our awareness. For anyone who has ever felt that they have practiced much and yet felt limited somehow, this may have some significance.

The other controlling element of arrogance is the fear that if we are perceived as such by others, that we will be thought of badly. This belief stops us from straying too far from the group consciousness. There is only so much development that can occur and be integrated while we allow ourselves to be controlled by this fear. Whole integration is the only way to complete and thus real mastery.

We need to let go of trying to control how others perceive us. We need to let go of trying to control how our own mind perceives us. How long can we struggle with these before we notice that the main journey has been on hold? These illusions are like carrots held in front of the donkey so that it keeps on plowing that field.

The truth is that as we develop in ability and awareness we will notice vast and massive differences between ourselves and others. This is no time to give into fear. These differences are what we set out on the journey for in the first place! We wanted to become something different, we wanted to evolve and grow! Of course the ego will begin to preen itself and say “Look at me, look at what I’ve done!” That’s just the ego doing it’s thing. It’s no big deal. In fact it is ridiculous to limit our skills, abilities and self-mastery because we fear that our ego is enjoying it too much. We let the ego do it’s thing and we continue on our way. This is just another aspect of inner strength.

Hindrances to the journey come in many shapes and sizes. Beating down arrogance may not seem like a bad thing, because we’re told that arrogance is bad and humility is good. These rules don’t apply to inner mastery however. Inner mastery is not about playing a game of illusions with society. Inner mastery is about creating inner control. Real control is not repression, it is not denial, it is not about being played by our fears. Real control is the ability to reach out and grab our destination regardless of the hindrances that may appear. It is in this light that we must look at arrogance.

The purest humility exists when we allow all aspects of life and this includes our inner self, mind and consciousness, to just be. Out of this landscape we find the element or stream of consciousness that is congruent with our highest goals or intentions. Then we simply jump on board. At this structure we will find that those aspects that we thought needed controlling and repressing actually don’t hinder us at all. In fact, the only time they hinder us is when we get off the boat and start brawling with them. The moment we step into our own direction all these other elements become scenery. Sure, they may hawk their wares to us from the shore, but they only hold power over us the moment we decide to buy.


The True Inner Critic – Empowering Enlightenment through the Master Consciousness and Mind

Evolution only has meaning when we decide to imbue our choices and purpose with meaning. The integration point is the point where survival on this planet connects with our inner truth. Survival is necessary. Where we take it from here is up to us. We have decided that survival extends to having the right type of lifestyle, the right job, the right car, the right partner, the right house, the right watch, the right holiday and so on. During this time we decide that we’ll put off the inner truth part. After all there’s always time for that later isn’t there?

We shift our mind into critical mode, but it is different from the critical consciousness of our true essence. Instead of refining and seeking the elements that are most congruent with our true self, we create a critical mind that seeks ways to find gratification through the eyes of society, the image and the esteem that we find in the eyes of friends and family. We learn to play a game of painting the right picture and saying the right lines. All along the true critical mind goes to sleep.

We need to put the true critical mind to sleep during this time, because if it woke up it would be asking us with very little subtlety why we decided to become so daft. Accepting adoration through having a certain car or sports jacket? Tilting our noses up when we walk past people that we secretly want approval from? What is this game that we are playing, the true critical mind would ask – and why haven’t we finished with it yet?

It would point out with no concern for our attempt at ignorance that trying to win approval and self-worth from others was only an affirmation of our own need for approval, and so in fact was an affirmation of self-worth issues. It would then go on to inquire as to why we were kicking this dead horse.

The true inner critic isn’t about beating us up gratuitously. It is actually about taking apart everything that doesn’t work and fixing it so that it does. In short its about results.

Not getting the approval we need from our new shoes? Well how about bypassing the fashion sector and plugging in direct to the heart center? Want respect from our peers and colleagues? May or may not happen – but how about giving it to ourselves instead?

Results. The true inner critic cares little for the way of image and illusions. The true inner critic is about truth. What will truly bring happiness, worth, empowerment and meaning. With this goal firmly fixed it moves through flaws and fixtures without mercy and tears them apart. If we scramble to put our image back together then this just indicates to our true inner critic that we’re not so comfortable being naked and it has no problem prodding us and asking us why? Further more it wants to know how we can expect to become strong or at the very least attain a certain level of happiness if we just bundle our fears and insecurities up under the rug.

After a certain amount of time – weeks, years, decades we find new ways to get around our inner critic, we find ways of re-talking and affirming new directions. Counters and counter-counters – but the heart of the issue remains as true as it ever was.

The truth is patient. Denial on the other hand is forever desperate, for it knows that all it takes is one wrong turn, a slip up – and all fakery is revealed. Through this gap comes the true inner critic. Here comes the psychological beating that we have been running from for so long! But instead we turn and face it – and listen. We listen openly and we listen and feel for the part of the inner critic that is truth. We see to the part that looks beyond punishment to the source, to the very core and reason of its existence. The true inner critic has a purpose. This purpose is to see through the illusions of all that is not congruent with inner peace, real self-worth, happiness and empowerment. In truth it does not need to destroy anything. It simply prompts us to see – and in seeing we realize the flaws and limitations of illusion. That is all that is needed. That picture speaks a millions words. It tells the story of hope and exploration. It reminds us why we set out on this adventure of discovery in the first place. It wasn’t for half-baked dreams and easy compromises. It was to find real happiness, real peace and real power.


The Power of Perception – The Key to Mastering Reality

Power without perception has no true value. In the first, without perception, we will not even know power to exist. In the second if our perception is not up to scratch we’ll not know what to do with it. Perception is vision and clarity. It is seeing the big picture but also remembering the small details. When we have perception the ways and methods of power become simple and clear. As a result this type of power has profound value.

Clarity brings the ability to understand the why and how of things. The why and the how are the nuts and bolts of reality. When we can see how and why they hold everything together, we can loosen a nut here and tighten a bolt there or make everything come crashing down and perhaps build a new structure.

Perception and clarity also clears out all the superfluous garbage from our minds and body. Instead of wasting time and energy juggling meaningless variables and theories, we just take in the whole in a glance and see exactly what needs to be done to affect everything. Obviously this attribute is valuable for everything from healing to meditation and manifestation.

There are two fundamental directions that perception can move toward: inward and outward. By maintaining awareness at the sense doors where the external and the internal meet it, we are able to understand the interaction between both. Working with the creative and destructive cycles, the point of transformation occurs within this point. Moving into this point allows for a deeper perception of creation and destruction. The loop or cycle of transformation become tighter as creation and destruction begin to occur swifter, each taking the place of the other in rapid succession. Look for the point where both exist simultaneously and observe for a still point. This still point of zero point provides a completely different space from the reality of creation and destruction. It stands apart and is unaffected by cause and effect and yet its presence and acknowledgement affects all around it. This is they entry point into the void, stillness and eternity. It is through this infinite well that healers and magicians attempt to transpose reality.


Channeling ~ Part 5 ~ Tapping Metaphysical and Spiritual Sources of Knowledge

Channeling offers a practitioner the opportunity to shape their mind in such a way that it perceives itself to be communicating with external sources. It is this perception that allows the development of the internal consciousness to realize and understand that the entire universe can be experienced within. The process of seeking the outside from within guides the mind to discovering more than what its familiar comfort zone and it is this that allows it to find true strength and purity. The contrasting perception of purity, which is one of isolation ultimately creates a perception of complete separation from the True Self.

In moving the mind out we are working with the sense and perception that we are moving from what is the self into external territory. This perception is what opens us to the possibility of psychic manipulation and negative entities. There are two main methods of dealing with these phenomena. One is to release the areas of resistance within us that entities can hold on to. The other is to form the part of consciousness that channels into a weave of sensitivity – soft yet strong enough to match the frequencies of any that come in its way. At the point of meeting it is important that our mental direction and energy is strong enough to move past these entities without taking on their residues while at the same time not compromising flexibility for strength. This is a process that is learnt most easily through experience, however it is important to note these things. Interestingly it is almost impossible to connect with another energy and not have an effect. The intention is to learn how to manage and direct this effect so that it is congruent with our truth.

This type of training provides a basis for moving in the direction of our potential at all times. Rather than fearing what we perceive to be negative energies because we have not yet reached the point where we can transform them, we learn to keep ourselves centered while moving toward our destination. We neither compromise our ultimate destination nor do we compromise our development of real inner strength. Working with this level of sensitivity requires a constant state of consciousness because subconscious states will have a tendency to react with fear to anything that they cannot assimilate or transform. A flexibility of mind is required to understand when the opportunity for developing aspects of emotional strength are at their potential and when less vulnerable methods of protection such as the popular white light visualizations are more appropriate. In itself this flexibility develops into a wisdom that is gradually understood at the deeper levels of body and mind. This direction entrains a further congruency of truth, reason and purpose between all levels of consciousness.

All action must report back to reflection and observation, and the main factor to observe is the overall state of tangible and conscious energy. Energy is the fuel that allows us to direct, drive and move our consciousness. There will always be a balance between integrating knowledge and having that act of integration drain us of energy. The important thing is that we keep tuned into our purpose and destination. There will be times when we intuit that it is necessary to enter low energy states, but the awareness of reason and meaning will provide the opportunity to find a gate through which we can again transcend this state.


Channeling ~ Part 4 ~ Tapping Metaphysical and Spiritual Sources of Knowledge

Integrating knowledge, experience and information and transforming it into understanding and wisdom requires different levels of surrender and receptivity. Form must always change in order to assimilate something new, but at a deeper level that form must remember what it originally had been seeking if it is to use the new wisdom at all. The longer we move into a certain experience the more we become encompassed by it. This provides the opportunity for deep understanding and wisdom, but in the process it is possible to lose connection with how that understanding and wisdom was originally intended to be used. In the fullness of time all consciousness will return to its true self. The choice however is whether our connection occurs within our life time, tomorrow, the next ice age or a day short of eternity.

Providing our consciousness with an internal signal or beacon that moves from within our depths to where ever we are and who ever we become, gives us the opportunity to move deeply into experiences and in essence to “lose ourselves.” At the same time we set a kind of consciousness alarm clock, to wake us and allow us to remember our true purpose. The time spent immersed allows us to then understand and integrate experience and knowledge from the perspective of one who has walked fully in the footsteps of life.

By understanding the reason and meaning behind choosing particular paths of experience we can set a beacon of intention to allow immersion until specific realizations are met. The waking itself can be as gradual or sudden as we direct it to be. For this reason it is important to understand and observe what would best serve our needs. As much as a sudden awakening can push an accelerated direction of realization, we must also take into account the person that we may be at this time and the emotional and mental patterns that we will be working with.

The beacon that awakens should be integrated with any of the senses, sight, sound, smell, touch, taste or thought. The awakening itself must be initiated with awareness – a trigger of observation that originates within the main sensory of choice. This way the mind will have the tools to recognize and interpret the nature of the beacon.

Working with this level of channeling needs to come with a warning. Losing oneself will always come with the requisite emotions of anguish and despair. Re-awakening and realization will bring all into perspective, but while we are gone we do not have at our disposal the the same vision or understanding. This is after all what it means to lose our self in the first place. The same method of triggering a beacon can be used for when we experience and meet these specific aspects also. Just as there can be much knowledge gained from entering into “the dark night of the soul”, despair and anguish, perhaps more can be gained from remembering how to move through and out. More than just a reminder, a beacon can act to trigger a realization of illusion. That realization will allow the experience of empowerment to be felt and understood, regardless of any emotional pain, feeling or thought. As this channel of empowerment and truth draws through all the experiences that have been, integration, awareness and awakening arise automatically and with them deep levels of understanding, compassion, forgiveness and rejuvenation.


Channeling ~ Part 3 ~ Tapping Metaphysical and Spiritual Sources of Knowledge

There is a real opportunity for walking the path of channeling. Each communication with a being, energy or consciousness allows us to stretch and expand our mind, our way of feeling and perceiving the universe and ourselves. As our perception, belief and experience of our self changes we express, connect, think and communicate differently. Understanding our true self moves from an idea, inspiration and theory into a reality. Rigid forms become flexible and capable of being both rigid and fluid.

Communication will always only be available to the level that we are able to understand. So the types and forms of consciousness and energy that we are able to channel and communicate with will always be within these limits.

Higher Self consciousness is from our perception very close to unconditional love and compassion, but there is also a wisdom and intelligence present. Understanding this expansive state from the relatively contracted state of the physical requires constant stretching. Channeling and communicating with different forms of consciousness is that stretching. Each communication is like learning to stretch a different muscle. Each muscle is like a tool of perception that enables us to tune a finer channel with our Higher Self. The process is intuitive and creative, but there is also a very logical and mechanical process to it.

All communication and channeling contains within it the principles of teacher and student. The information and knowledge we learn helps to integrate the path and destination that we have chosen. In this we are the student, but at the same time we allow the teacher to understand what it means to give knowledge for the purpose of another’s integration. Teaching and learning is not necessarily about learning all that a teacher has to learn. It is about learning what we specifically need to learn in order to move to the next “level.”

Some Spiritual teachers will be patient, some impatient, some possessive, some generous or caring – many may be all of these at once. These traits will be reflected in the teachings and knowledge shared. The higher lesson is always for the student to remember their own true path, that of connecting to their own Higher Self. This intention will move all knowledge, information and communication toward this destination. It is necessary for all beings to eventually take control of their own spiritual destiny. This in essence simply means remembering that their Higher Self is the source of their truth and real empowerment. Remembering too will hold many levels of understanding and experience, but strengthening this intention will move the mind to understand the depths of this reality.