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Beyond the Psychic

The psychic senses begin the opening to understanding and communicating with the Etheric planes. This connection begins with an expansion of consciousness into the 5 primary physical senses as well as a deep integration within the intellect and mind. The bridge between these psychic senses and the higher spiritual senses becomes active when sentient cellular realization occurs. At this point a person’s dormant spiritual abilities and powers move from the Etheric into the physical and they understand how to perform such influencing as quantum healing and physical manifestations such as telekinesis, breatharianism and bi-location.

This level of ascension is also important for accessing a higher understanding of our spiritual purpose. Without these higher senses being active it is impossible to understand higher levels of spirit, much in the same way as if one does not have eyes, they cannot understand written text.

The psychic is the beginning of expanding the physical senses. The next step is to use this as a foundation to bridge to the higher Etheric senses. At this stage the true purpose of psychic abilities will become clear as the higher Etheric senses allow us to communicate with spiritual consciousness in a way that is beyond anything the intellectual mind could currently imagine or perceive.

The next levels of ascension from occur here as physical ailments and disease are understood and healed and the denser aspects of consciousness are fully integrated into the spiritual light. The universe and its child the earth then begin to provide power in a way that is completely in alignment with our spiritual self. Our true purpose becomes illuminated.


Negative Entities

A time will come when most projectors into the astral will understand how to navigate and deal with at least minor negative entities. By keeping the etheric body strong these entities simply cannot harm us. At this stage it can be very interesting to spend time around these entities. Much of what they communicate is going to be by our own perspective deceitful and in a sense cunning, but a lot of understanding can be gained through observing between the lines.

A certain level of emotional control is required in order to still aversion when dealing with these entities. They may be slobbering great spiders or demonic looking entities, but the true power of an entity comes from perceiving straight into its core. This is how we can identify true ascended masters from entities simply taking the form of one. The eyes too will often betray malice or the hunger for power.

Negative entities in the astral will often attach themselves to beings in the physical. By understanding and observing their methods and reasons, it becomes clear how to deal with them in the physical. Most of the time negative entities gain their power simply because people in the physical are unaware of their existence and effect. The two most effective ways of identifying these entities is through the psychic senses or through recognizing the patterns of entity disturbance.


Psychic Ability and Spirituality – Transcending the Physical Body and Mind – Entering the Higher Dimensions

Psychic ability is simply the ability to communicate with weaves of energy that are above the ‘normal’ level of physical reality. Reading future events, past events, spiritual knowledge and channeling the ‘dead’ are symptoms of connecting to specific weaves of energy. The term ‘psychic’ has become an umbrella term to encompass many skills and abilities that are considered paranormal or metaphysical. To expand on this all of these skills can really be classed under ‘communication.’

It makes the topic of spirituality far clearer when we understand that ‘spirituality’ is really a communication with spirit. It always has been and probably always will. The various definitions of ‘spirit’ change from religion to religion and belief to belief, but the essence is the same. It is about communication with spirit. The most accurate communication is always going to be direct communication. It is the same with any verbal communication with another person. Being there and doing the actual speaking is always going to be more accurate than second hand information. This is where psychic ability comes in.

Psychic ability is simply an expansion of our set of communication tools. Where there may have been no conduit with which to listen and speak to spirit or other energetic entities, psychic abilities help to open up these paths. Having said this, psychic ability in and of itself does not equal spiritual communication. Spiritual communication like any communication requires an intention to connect – in this case to spirit. The language and faculties of connection are then used and developed to gain fluency and understanding.

A surrendering of the ego’s desires is necessary when learning to communicate psychically to spirit. This process is supported by guides and entities that hold the path open at specific planes and dimensions. For example while some may be at least able to fathom the infinite spirit, most will have difficulty with moving fully into infinite consciousness. This is simply because the energetic pattern of the mind is too strong. The older or more experienced we are, the more crystallized these patterns become. Getting around this requires dedicated practice, subtlety and a constant will to refine and understand self-mastery. The modern world has a habit of getting people addicted to semantics and this too is something that we must let go of. Semantics and words become useless eventually, only the true meaning that words and concepts point to hold real empowerment and understanding. This is where psychic ability provides a powerful opportunity. Psychic ability allows us to see deeply beyond words and concepts to the source. In shapes, scents, sounds and forms these weaves of energy expand and deepen, leading us through their paths and removing us through our own. The channel that is formed becomes stronger and clearer than the organic body we live in could ever be. This becomes our conduit to the spirit, our connection and our communication. It is here that we come to see spirit with our own eyes, hear spirit with our own ears and feel spirit with our own heart.


Expanding Awareness – Evolution of the Mind, Body and Consciousness

Awareness is understanding, the expansion of awareness is the expansion and deepening of understanding. Generating the forms of mind required to deepen awareness is about ability and skill. Without ability and skill the same patterns of awareness will repeat themselves. Deepening awareness requires the ability to first recognize the gates, then to recognize the key required to open the gate, and lastly the skill to move through the portal that is formed. In opposition will be the magnetism of old patterns of awareness. It is for this reason that self-discipline has always been the first key to mental mastery. Self-discipline is the strength to keep the mind to the grindstone.

As the mind initially enters each space of awareness it must learn to adjust its tension. Each shift will seem like a stretching, as if no more can be encompassed and yet we must seek the spaces where more openings can be found. This can only be accomplished through working each form into the mind. Each time we walk this “groove” with our mind, it learns through intense observation the communication that exists within this space of awareness. Without the skills to “listen” and communicate with the energies that exist here, we will not gain the keys to further expansion. Pure strength and will is not enough, because where one gate will require rigid strength, another will absorb this type of strength like a sponge, instead requiring a formula or an intelligent communication. It is recognition of these keys that students and seekers have classically come to masters for, however there must be a balance between blindly accepting keys and the process of learning to recognize keys on our own. While simply taking and training in a key will open up the experience for us, we will pass by the vital opportunity to develop the sensitivity required to recognize within our own consciousness. Without this sensitivity we may gain spiritual and metaphysical experiences, but we will lack the ability to choose and direct those experiences.

This can be likened to the difference between being told the exact words required to enact a conversation and being taught how to express communication with conscious influence and direction. Ultimately learning how to communicate through our own consciousness is what is important, however neglecting the understanding of exact words or keys would be foolhardy. Just as we need to learn etiquettes to communicate within the external world, understanding language within the world of consciousness is vital. Eventually our grasp of the language becomes fluent and we can critically decide what parts to lose and what to keep. At this point we have learnt how to express meaning with less and less importance placed on form or etiquette. However this state can only be achieved through first mastering the form. It is again similar to verbal communication in that exact phrases and such are very useful when learning a language. Then when fluency is achieved forms can be restructured in order to refine the meaning and expression within. By learning to observe the effect of a ‘phrase’ or ‘word’ we understand the meaning behind the form. It is this energy or influence behind the form that is most important. This is what unlocks dormant awareness. It is through this process of unlocking, observing, stretching and alert focus that awareness is expanded.



Clairessence means “true smelling.” No it’s not to mean one who truly smells! It is the ability to communicate and interpret and understand knowledge through the sensory of smell. In truth the art of Clairessence if one of the more well known and is represented in part by external alchemy practices such as the use of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy. These arts have recognized that specific scents hold frequencies that will elicit movement or reactions within a person’s body and consciousness. The scent of peppermint will have a certain interaction with the body and mind, the scent of gasoline will have another. At the emotional and mental levels it has been revealed that different scents particularly from natural plants and flowers will activate, promote and decrease the energies of specific emotions and patterns of thought and being. The scent of Orange works with the way we interact with depression, the scent of Basil works to enhance our interaction with the frequency of concentration, the scent of Lavender is a well known for increasing our connection to relaxation. We do not necessarily need to understand or be conscious of the interaction, the scent itself takes effect at a semi-conscious as well as physical and subconscious level.

Bringing full Clairessence into play means that we are able to communicate, listen and receive guidance through the sensory of smell. We need to first develop presence or consciousness of mind – we need to observe. Observation brings us to a place where we can listen with an intent to understand what is being communicated. The manner of language is of course smell. Through observing the perception of smell, how we react, how we feel and finding the “space” that exists in each smell, we will find the first steps to Clairessence.

The explorers who understood how essential oils and aromatherapy work did not find their knowledge in books, they had little knowledge to go by and so used their own communication through the channel of Clairessence to glean their knowledge. Some of these results were understood by experience, but much of the knowledge was gained through Clairessence. They listened to the entity of each and “watched” to see how each would interact with the energies within themselves or others.

Within the sense of smell there is a space which exists. It is similar to the feeling of emptiness, and within this emptiness exists possibility. The possibility is like a canvas it is capable of expression and creation. By tuning into this canvas we can understand and interpret knowledge, we can direct intention and questions, and we can perceive space, time and reality. This is the space that we use to communicate with Clairessence. Practice spending time in this place, observe and you will automatically develop the ability of listening. Practice moving, transforming and shifting the form of energy that you observe in this space and you develop the ability of expression. These two aspects are the receiving and projection of communication. If you wish to gather information from sources through this sense then you need to shape or form your expression with the intent of understanding the answers being shown.

Understand that there is a difference between the feeling of intent and certainty. Intent is a direction of mind toward a destination. Certainty is a knowing that this destination will be met. Lacking power in our intent our direction can lack deep purpose or action. Lacking honesty in our certainty and our knowing can become delusion. Sincere reflection on the experiences we are having balanced with the inner strength to sustain true intent gives us the opportunity to progressively develop and realize empowerment and expanded consciousness.



Clairgustience is the ability to “taste” the subtle and psychic essences of the environment, energies and world around us. It is one of the more under-rated and under-utilized of the psychic skills and for this reason development can bring the most dramatic results. Rather than simply being a tool for eating the taste sensory can become a faculty for interpreting knowledge and understanding reality. The most valuable opportunity lies in this: The taste sensory channels knowledge in a different manner than the visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Each has it’s unique and specific strengths that allow us to experience and understand reality in certain ways. When we understand each sense we in fact understand an aspect of our mind. At a particular point we shift into understanding all these senses as one expanded mind. The development of what seems like individual senses becomes the development of one infinite mind composed of many shapes, forms, colors and manners of communication. The psychic sense itself acts like a doorway to the mind.

The power of Clairgustience is that many people do not penetrate beyond the usual “chomp chomp, gulp gulp” of eating. The sensory becomes desensitized or rather our mind becomes desensitized. We perceive taste as having a relationship to food rather than understanding that food is but one type of energy and that the sensory of taste is available as a conduit to understanding knowledge and information. Since our main gate to taste is food the easiest way to understand Clairgustience is to work with food.

By eating with mindful observation on the taste of what we are eating we activate that part of our mind that is connected to taste. This provides a foundation for moving our mind into a deeper or broader level of taste. First we must observe how the tastes we are observing interact with our mind. How are we reacting and feeling? Then we need to feel for the space within the taste. It is the space that remains constant no matter what we are eating. It exists in the same manner that a certain space or gap exists for seeing, hearing and feeling. Move into this space and “listen” for the manner of communication. The first step in any good communication is to listen. By listening we gain the opportunity to understand what is being said. When we understand then the appropriate response or reciprocation is easy.

Clairgustience has the power to dramatically increase the effects of all the other psychic sense as well as the dream state. Observe that eating is in fact an experience that presents the opportunity for great pleasure, and yet we miss it simply because we are not present and conscious. The communication that is occurring when we are eating may appear to be primitive and not worthy of note, yet these so-called primitive senses are what make life good or bad. It is through the interpretation of our perceptions that we judge everything. By tuning in and honing our method of communication we can really learn to taste, understand and eat for that matter! At the most basic level of mindfulness really tasting our food allows us to observe what our body is reacting well to and what it isn’t. We get the opportunity to change our eating habits if we wish or we can use the experience to practice energetically transforming the frequency of our food. At later levels we can begin to communicate with the energy of our food in different ways. We can gather knowledge and information, we can ask for guidance. These methods have been used for centuries by Shamans and Druids.

Observe what you feel, taste and interpret when you drink a glass of water, a chocolate bar, a piece of meat or a piece of fruit. Observe what you feel as you eat something processed as opposed to something natural. “Listen” to the information being expressed. Observe, then explore communicating through feeling, energy and intention and see what you can create, transform and move. Buddhists and spiritualists have long understood that meat can carry the energy of fear simply because the animal may likely have died in fear. Perhaps this is where the practice of thanking and blessing food before eating it came from. By charging and transforming the food we release the fear instead of integrating into our own bodies. Likewise we can change the vibration of processed foods by moving our intention and consciousness into them and programming the frequencies to resonate to that of fresh, natural foods.

Gaining deeper knowledge through Clairgustience requires that we understand how to listen. We do this by observing the tastes of food. Then we practice changing vibrations – this is the expressive aspect of communication. Together we have a basic form of give and take. From here we learn how to form our expression into a question, but the energy of the question itself holds an intention or shape that acknowledges that understanding is already available – that it is here. Then we listen to the answer. The form that Clairgustience comes in is as different in the same sense that vision, sound and feeling are different. Learning to differentiate allows us to stretch our mind which will eventually bring us back to a more expansive and ultimately infinite whole. With practice the clarity in communication and understanding that we can perceive through Clairgustience can be as precise as any other aspects such as intuition, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience or Clairsentience.



Clairaudience is known as “true hearing.” At higher levels of development it is the ability to communicate with spirits, but even at beginning levels the ability of tuning in to the subtle energies of what is happening within, to really hear what is, provides us with the opportunity to understand the messages that our own consciousness is sending to us. Our body and mind is always trying to communicate to us, it has our best interests at heart always, it is simply that often messages get “lost in translation.” Sometimes they do not even get heard. Clairaudience gives us the opportunity to hear, understand and respond. The more cohesive our communication becomes the more our whole being responds with harmony and understanding. This creates a solid and empowering foundation in body and mind. Whether we choose to use the skill of Clairaudience for communication with spirits or simply gain a better understanding of the self is up to the individual practitioner. The ability is developed in the same way, by learning a new way of listening. If you do not wish to communicate with spirits, angels or God, then instead simply use the same techniques to listen and communicate with your body and mind.

Clairaudience is first developed through the practicing of listening to a mantra or sound as I described in the article Developing Psychic Senses Pt3. By at first intoning a sound silently in the mind, then listening for the echo we begin to understand the “space” that is required for communication.

Through familiarizing ourselves to this the psychic space we are developing the ears necessary to hear the subtle realms. It is important that we begin to develop understanding and objectivity for all that we hear and receive. Many people believe that just because an entity is from another dimension or is dead that they must know more than us, or that they are somehow wiser or more knowledgeable about the spiritual realms. The truth is that many entities and spirits are much like people on earth, they will speak and tell tall tales, they will exaggerate truths, flat out lie and flap their jaws about anything they think we want to hear just to get an exchange of energy. Objectivity, awareness and focus is necessary to move through all the chatter. Remember what it is that you truly wish to achieve and move your consciousness through to this destination. The power of moving through this psychic space is that there is far less friction than in the physical world. By moving with decisiveness and intention you can connect directly with the authentic guides and entities who have the knowledge that you wish to share. By keeping your intention direct and pure you are manifesting the action clearly and so it will be. Likewise if you wish to connect and listen more deeply with your body you’ll likely find the notorious monkey-mind playing it’s usual games, trying to distract you and generally running amuck. Just let it be. Let it play it’s games and keep your consciousness in the space between observation and the area of mind or body you are listening to. Train yourself to keep your mind in this place, and in time you will hear.

In the beginning most people find that moving through the dimensional layers of space to where they wish to be somewhat confusing, but the truth is it is much the same as any form of focusing meditation. Allow the chattering entities to be, allow all other dimensions and spaces to be. Listen and feel for the space and dimension that is congruent with your desire and intention and keep a grasp of it. These layers of dimensions have often been described as having a feeling like moving through treacle, albeit shifting and sometimes tumultuous treacle. The trick is to let it all be, and simply continue to focus and move toward your goal. No matter how far away it seems, no matter how much else is going on, simply continue holding your mind on that place. With practice your mind will realize the ease and effortlessness with which you can instantly shift to where you need to be, but you must first start where you are and work with the skills that you currently have.

Always communicate with the intention of working towards your highest good and the results and experiences you manifest will always work out. Highest good means toward a direction where you have inner strength, peace, wisdom, love and empowerment. If you choose to connect to beings with the intention of dominating and controlling others you will get knowledge, but you will also enhance your own fears and insecurities and these entities by their very nature will also be looking to dominate and control you by feeding off and growing your fears. It is the same in the physical world. When we surround ourselves with people who seek empowerment our group consciousness empowers us all. When we surround ourselves with people who seek to dominate and control we feed our own fears and feed off others’ fears.

Listen to and observe the way of communication in the psychic realms. Explore expressing your highest goals and aspirations. Listen and feel for the knowledge and solutions that would best fit your experiences. With practice the communication from both ends will become clearer and the knowledge and solutions that you gain will also become more accurate, powerful and effective.

Clairaudience can have a profound impact on the way we experience our lives. The level of listening opens up a wealth of knowledge from spiritual dimensions but it also opens our mind and body to who and what we are. We learn to listen to ourselves and from here gain the opportunity to accept, make peace and love. This is perhaps the most valuable aspect of clairaudience.



Clairsentience means true knowing. It is the ability to shift into a consciousness that knows the exact knowledge that is desired. The shift of consciousness that occurs is a connection with what is known as the Akashic Records. These records are an energetic dimension that contain the knowledge of all that has been, all that could have been, all that is, all that could be and all that will be. The Akashic Records act as a portal between realities and from this portal we can directly draw upon knowledge and guidance. This is the reason why Clairsentience allows us to simply know. By connecting to the reality where what we seek has already happened we gain the opportunity of understanding how our desire or intention is successfully able to be manifested. Clairsentience is congruent with knowing because in relation to the place where we are receiving this knowledge it has already happened. This knowledge however does not mean that we can be certain it will happen here in this reality – we simply have the tools to make it happen. It is similar to an electrician possessing the knowledge of how to create a safe and effective circuit. They have the knowledge but they still must implement the action. This is the main mistake that many beginners make when developing clairsentience or manifestation abilities. They assume that knowledge equals action which is not always true. For sure if our only intention is to have knowledge then yes we have achieved our ends, but if we seek to create changes in our physical reality then we must take action. When we connect honestly with clairsentience then we will know this, it will be strikingly clear. This brings me to another important point about clairsentience. In my experience it is one of the most commonly felt of the psychic senses, but often people do not feel the openings because they simply assume that they have guessed or deduced the knowledge in some other way. In order to extend this ability to the level where it is impossible to gain the knowledge in any other way we need to explore it’s attributes and opportunities.

The main way that we develop clairsentience is through feeling, recognizing the frequency of knowing, integrating it with the process of “listening” and interpreting the knowledge into solutions. Knowing is a perception that will deepen and strengthen with time, but we must be careful not to allow it to turn into arrogance. Knowing is knowing. Arrogance is pretending that we know. Clairsentience works in a way that provides us with knowledge but it allows for the fact that reality can be directed and changed and so the relevancy of the knowledge can change too. Arrogance is rigid, knowledge is flexible. Knowing is represented by certainty tempered with sensitivity to changing what is required at any given moment – after all reality arrives in a fluid state not as static chunks of “rock!”

Clairsentience requires a fine balance between being and doing. The practice of automatic writing is an example of Clairsentience. Rather than thinking about what we need to do, solutions or answers we simply write, speak and be. We focus more on the state of being, finding and feeling, “listening” for the frequency that is congruent with knowing – then we simply let it come out. We get out of our own way and let it happen. The deeper we move into this consciousness the more we develop a trust with our body and mind to just let it happen. Automatic writing is an effective way of developing Clairsentience because the progression of knowledge will be seen on the page after we have finished. The main thing that this process aids is our confidence and belief that we are actually achieving something. Remember how I said that clairaudience is one of the most commonly experienced psychic skills? The reason that most people don’t go any further in developing it is because they don’t have confidence – they don’t believe. By showing yourself solid and tangible results you will begin to believe, as your belief grows you’ll use it more, as you use it more your skill will develop. It’s an all round beneficial cycle of growth. Eventually you will get to the stage where you don’t need to use automatic writing, you’ll just know. After all what we are really developing is a mind state, a dimension of consciousness.

All the psychic senses work around the same core, that of truth – and truth is essentially about knowing. We can use these psychic skills to play with the world, but ultimately like any toys and material possessions there is a sense of dissatisfaction. Turning these skills within and using them to master and empower our inner selves brings real wealth, joy and happiness.


Developing Psychic Senses Pt 3

The principles described in the 1st and 2nd articles are paramount to developing the intuition and psychic senses and I have known many people to develop their skills without any extraneous energy work or techniques. The most important action that aids manifestation of these skills is consciousness. Being aware, present in the here and now. Feeling and observing your body and through this sensory observing the way your consciousness moves and reacts to energy in your body.

The body works like a radar dish. It picks up energy and is either ignored by the conscious mind and processed by the subconscious or noticed and given the opportunity to be interpreted and understood.

Here are some points for development:

When interacting with people observe your body. Observe their body. Observe any feelings and sensations. Learn to watch and notice what comes neutrally, this will allow information that you may be in the habit of blocking, avoiding and ignoring coming through to you.

Develop your inner listening abilities. Practice silently saying the mantra “I AM” in your mind. Say it once then listen to the “echo.” This trains your subtle hearing abilities. Practice until you no longer need to say it at all. Be familiar with this space. At this point you are at the door that leads to clairaudience – true listening. Connect to this energetic frequency or space when interacting with the world and people. Observe and notice anything that you feel, perceive and interpret.

Observe the way your eyes and therefore your mind reacts when interacting with the world. What are your patterns of interaction? Learn to observe your body and it’s relative posture and overall “feel” when communicating with people. How do you feel? How are you trying to make other people feel? How are you trying to appear? Observe and allow yourself to play the part you usually do – but make observing and watching yourself a priority. Notice the space that lies between your connection with people and the the reactions and emotions in your body and mind. Observe this space. This is one of the doors that leads to clairvoyance – true seeing.

Become familiar with how your sense of smell works. Explore essential oils. Smell a rose. Notice how your body feels and reacts. Observe the frequency of different smells. Watch for the space that lies within this sensory at the moment of connecting to a smell. Observe this space.

Notice the way you eat and taste food. Observe the way that you perceive the tastes. Notice how your body reacts. Observe any sensations and emotions. Watch for the space that lies within this sensory at the moment of connecting to taste. Observe this space.

Taste and smell are perhaps the two most under-rated of the psychic senses and for this reason realization in this area is often the most dramatic. Work with them all and find the paths that connect them. Explore the spaces in between the paths as well as above. The mind is an entity of unlimited dimension and so exploration may well feel like it is confusing at first. This is a good indication that you are on the right track. Don’t let the practice become monotonous. Allow each practice to hold the same curiosity as if it were your first. Form a practice group or join a class in psychic development. The group energy not only supports regular training it also encourages the mind state to move in a motivated and creative direction.

The methods in this article focus on techniques, but it is the principles explained within the first two articles that really make psychic senses work. Many people have developed a high level of skill simply by entraining the core principles into their daily life, where as some practice techniques for years and never get anywhere. Look at it this way: an electron telescope is powerful but if we only use it to look at the same patch of wall we may never learn anything that truly helps us develop. By turning it on ourselves, seeing what we are made of, watching everything that is shown and not limiting ourselves to only what we want to see, we gain the opportunity to evolve and grow. Psychic senses are like a powerful telescope and in the exact same way it is how we use them that brings us empowerment and happiness. Using them to look out we can see the truth of the world and of people, we can see to the core of things, but we cannot control the world, we cannot control other people. Using these same senses to look within, we can learn to look deeper into what makes us who we are, understand what makes us harm ourselves and what will allow us to heal and when we are ready to meet our higher self. The difference is all in our intent.


How to Develop the Psychic Senses Part 2

Psychic sense allows us to communicate with reality and understand how we are perceiving the universe and also how the universe is perceiving us. We can look once at a person and know their level of honesty, their level of denial, hope, dreams and despair. This sensory may develop as a feeling or as an ability to see these feelings in the physical structure of the body. As your skills develop you will be able to see the level of communication a person has with their own intuition, higher selves and the spiritual dimensions. You will be able to perceive where and how they allocated their conscious and subconscious energy, you will be able to see where and how they carry their parent’s and grandparent’s emotions and experiences.

Those of us interested in learning, growth and personal development will be able to perceive how a person is meditating simply by looking at their face. We will be able to see and hear the rate and frequency that a person’s brainwaves are moving and through this understand how to shift and move the mind state into different frequencies and shapes. Teaching meditation and esoteric alchemy at this level requires no guess work – methods are not simply the same system rehashed again and again but instead are developed explicitly and will suit and fit each person like a glove. Connecting to higher consciousness will work at a level that is tangible simply because we can see and hear the frequencies that are holding us back from perceiving – and we can see the exact frequency needed to “dissolve” and transcend this “barrier”. This is an important point for us at this time as the spiritual arena has been fed much disinformation and exploited by many for reasons of manipulation and ego. Learning to directly and tangibly connect to the higher self and intuition will banish any and all control that these systems have had. It is extremely difficult to buy into garbage when you can clearly smell and see with exquisite detail the pungent aroma! This may sound harsh, but the truth is that through the freedom we gain from seeing things for what they actually are, we develop the ability to not be affected by them. Further more because we are developing our own inner resources we gain the stability and strength and we move away from the fear and insecurity which usually asks us to seek external sources of power. As our own inner power is realized we understand that suffering comes through our own reaction to the world and we realize the choice that we have always in truth had – to be free. This freedom is not a mere concept, it is the reality of seeing and feeling what is and understanding the opportunity to choose. When we truly and deeply understand then regardless of our external or internal world we choose empowerment and love every time. This choice is available to us only because we choose to be powerful in spite of feeling fear, in spite of feeling inadequate, in spite of feeling insecure, ugly or doubtful.

In developing true sight we are able to see strength in a person regardless of whether they are currently shaking in their boots. We are able to see desperation in a person even if they are trying to appear happy and self-assured. This sight is not developed because we seek to see a person’s faults – we simply see, listen and feel. We observe and pay attention to our senses. We use the exact same methods on ourselves. We practice sensitivity to energy and meditations. We notice. We look beneath the surface. We listen to irregularities. When we are ready then the teachers will appear. Readiness simply means to see that knowledge and truth is being relayed to us constantly. In this instant we perceive teachings within everything. This is the beginning of psychic sense development.