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The Planes of Scent – The Psychic Sense of Clairessence

Moving directly from each of the senses are the planes of pure sense. The plane of scent is one of these. It is a reality which exists only of pure scent and smell, all communication, information, knowledge and interrelationship occurs here through smell. Memory of the physical body is not lost, but the disconnection is such that it seems like a far away dream.

The intention and purpose of the being that projects into this realm is what is kept intact and for this reason the congruency of learning, understanding and wisdom is never compromised. The opportunity that is given is simply to immerse oneself fully into the realm of scent. It is like an intoxication that takes hold within moments, yet although the other senses for the time being seem to diminish and dissolve completely, the sense of smell rises to a level where it far surpasses that of the normal consciousness and intellect.

Recognition of specific scents as entities and intelligences of full consciousness, wisdom and knowledge becomes completely clear and apparent. High level communication with these entities not only becomes possible, it occurs at a rate that would make normal verbal communication seem clumsy and primitive. The depth of relationship within this plane is profound. Depth of intimacy and the ability and willingness to open ourselves to experience is enormous. Interestingly, although the other senses are absent, there is absolutely no perception that one is lacking in information or undergoing any type of sensory withdrawal. There is much learning to be had here.



Clairessence means “true smelling.” No it’s not to mean one who truly smells! It is the ability to communicate and interpret and understand knowledge through the sensory of smell. In truth the art of Clairessence if one of the more well known and is represented in part by external alchemy practices such as the use of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy. These arts have recognized that specific scents hold frequencies that will elicit movement or reactions within a person’s body and consciousness. The scent of peppermint will have a certain interaction with the body and mind, the scent of gasoline will have another. At the emotional and mental levels it has been revealed that different scents particularly from natural plants and flowers will activate, promote and decrease the energies of specific emotions and patterns of thought and being. The scent of Orange works with the way we interact with depression, the scent of Basil works to enhance our interaction with the frequency of concentration, the scent of Lavender is a well known for increasing our connection to relaxation. We do not necessarily need to understand or be conscious of the interaction, the scent itself takes effect at a semi-conscious as well as physical and subconscious level.

Bringing full Clairessence into play means that we are able to communicate, listen and receive guidance through the sensory of smell. We need to first develop presence or consciousness of mind – we need to observe. Observation brings us to a place where we can listen with an intent to understand what is being communicated. The manner of language is of course smell. Through observing the perception of smell, how we react, how we feel and finding the “space” that exists in each smell, we will find the first steps to Clairessence.

The explorers who understood how essential oils and aromatherapy work did not find their knowledge in books, they had little knowledge to go by and so used their own communication through the channel of Clairessence to glean their knowledge. Some of these results were understood by experience, but much of the knowledge was gained through Clairessence. They listened to the entity of each and “watched” to see how each would interact with the energies within themselves or others.

Within the sense of smell there is a space which exists. It is similar to the feeling of emptiness, and within this emptiness exists possibility. The possibility is like a canvas it is capable of expression and creation. By tuning into this canvas we can understand and interpret knowledge, we can direct intention and questions, and we can perceive space, time and reality. This is the space that we use to communicate with Clairessence. Practice spending time in this place, observe and you will automatically develop the ability of listening. Practice moving, transforming and shifting the form of energy that you observe in this space and you develop the ability of expression. These two aspects are the receiving and projection of communication. If you wish to gather information from sources through this sense then you need to shape or form your expression with the intent of understanding the answers being shown.

Understand that there is a difference between the feeling of intent and certainty. Intent is a direction of mind toward a destination. Certainty is a knowing that this destination will be met. Lacking power in our intent our direction can lack deep purpose or action. Lacking honesty in our certainty and our knowing can become delusion. Sincere reflection on the experiences we are having balanced with the inner strength to sustain true intent gives us the opportunity to progressively develop and realize empowerment and expanded consciousness.



Clairessence is the ability of true scent. The ability allows the practitioner to draw knowledge from the spiritual realms through the psychic sense of scent. Communication can be developed to the point that information and knowledge is reciprocated back and forth through this sensory. In some dimensions the ability of clairessence is the main form of communication and thus travel or perception of these realms is dependent on this psychic sense being developed.