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Beyond the Psychic

The psychic senses begin the opening to understanding and communicating with the Etheric planes. This connection begins with an expansion of consciousness into the 5 primary physical senses as well as a deep integration within the intellect and mind. The bridge between these psychic senses and the higher spiritual senses becomes active when sentient cellular realization occurs. At this point a person’s dormant spiritual abilities and powers move from the Etheric into the physical and they understand how to perform such influencing as quantum healing and physical manifestations such as telekinesis, breatharianism and bi-location.

This level of ascension is also important for accessing a higher understanding of our spiritual purpose. Without these higher senses being active it is impossible to understand higher levels of spirit, much in the same way as if one does not have eyes, they cannot understand written text.

The psychic is the beginning of expanding the physical senses. The next step is to use this as a foundation to bridge to the higher Etheric senses. At this stage the true purpose of psychic abilities will become clear as the higher Etheric senses allow us to communicate with spiritual consciousness in a way that is beyond anything the intellectual mind could currently imagine or perceive.

The next levels of ascension from occur here as physical ailments and disease are understood and healed and the denser aspects of consciousness are fully integrated into the spiritual light. The universe and its child the earth then begin to provide power in a way that is completely in alignment with our spiritual self. Our true purpose becomes illuminated.


Developing the Third Eye Pt2

Empowerment is realized in our lives through the way that we interpret and communicate with ourselves and the world around us. If we do not develop the ability to understand then our consciousness perceives confusion and fear. The energy of the third eye is a frequency like our other chakras that is linked to our physicality. By learning to communicate with it’s energy we learn to realize the information that has always been within ourselves and instead of confusion we integrate understanding.

The third eye is often used to explore “external” places and environments. The method of remote viewing in which a practitioner sees and feels locations through their inner sight has been used by seers and mystics of old, but more recently has been explored both by the CIA and Russian scientists with accurate results. The same faculty can be turned within to explore our inner consciousness and body. There is a most valuable opportunity here to use this sense towards reconciliation and healing of the self.

Getting a feel for the exercise and then begin to work with your eyes closed in order to get more in touch with your subtle senses. Use the instructions as a guide, then allow your self to explore. “Listen” and “look” for new doors and paths within your senses.

Explore this exercise:

Closing you eyes visualize and see yourself from a third person perspective.

Do not be concerned if your visualization is unclear, wavering or even completely blank. Look through the blankness or fuzziness with the “direction” or intention of finding the visualization of yourself. It exists here and now, you are simply learning to tune into the image and feeling of it.

In particular look and “listen” for the frequency that is effortless. We are learning to shift in the slipstream of consciousness which is third eye energy.

Move your consciousness through your body. See the manner in which the third eye perceives your body’s energy. Feel the way that the information is being interpreted.


Get a feel for listening to what your inner sight tells you about your inner world.

Observe with the intention of knowing what exact energetic frequencies your body is asking for. Move your consciousness deeper into yourself in order to listen to the root level of your being.

Now begin to reciprocate what you feel and see is required or perceived to be needed in these areas of body and mind. See, feel and hear the frequencies that “fit” and blend them in. Observe how these new energies react with what is already there.

This interaction is like any communication. Each entity puts forward an expression and observes the interaction. Explore refining the interaction until your inner sight looks and feels “right”. Observe and notice how long a particular frequency and intensity sustains before you need to create it again. It may be 5 seconds, it may be 5 minutes or 5 hours. In the beginning the frequency must be held with conscious “effort”. In time it will become effortless, until eventually the new direction will take over the old. At this point this area of your consciousness will feel integrated. This is the exact feeling of what happens when we feel “healed”.

Understand that the communication may express itself in many ways. You may experience lights, shapes, smells, visuals, feelings or tastes. You may well experience a sensory that you can’t quite put down to being any of your usual senses. Observe whatever expression is being manifested and listen with the intention of understanding.

Understanding third eye or any energy for that matter is very similar to understanding a person. Communication requires that we listen and also that we understand what is being expressed to us – then we must also understand how and what to reciprocate. Develop your skills to the point where you can communicate and interpret the third eye energy anywhere. Allow it to be an effortless exchange of energy. This elevates the relationship to one of fluent communication – and fluent communication leads us to complete understanding.


Developing the Third Eye Pt 1

The third eye is an energetic structure between the eyebrows that connects to a certain frequency. As with all chakras (for chakra locations refer to glossary) the third eye is a gateway to the dimension of the this particular energy. When we refer to a chakra as “opened” or “closed” we are actually referring to the mind and body’s perception of the energy. “Closed” and “opened” are as much an illusion as any emotional or sensory state is an illusion. The state of “closed” or “opened” exists because our mind and body believes they exist. A mind that can move freely becomes like a skeleton key – and so any part of the body can act like a chakra, or for that matter a portal to any energy. Learning to work with the third eye as the juncture between our eyebrows however presents an easy opportunity to tune in to this frequency. This is the area where the illusion of location is at it’s most diminished.

Work with this exercise:

Touch your fingers to the area between your eye brows. Feel the sensation there.

Now remove your fingers from the area and feel for the same area.

Close your eyes and allow yourself to “see” this area.

Focus and integrate all your senses towards this area.

“Listen” for the consciousness that exists here.

Allow yourself to receive the sensory of information that is flowing in to you.

If you see anything simply allow it to be.

If you feel or hear anything simply allow it be.

Observe and simply keep your mind at the juncture of your third eye.

Allow everything to flow at it’s own pace. Whether smooth, clumsy, clunky, focused or confused.
Learn to allow everything to be and keep your mind at the third eye.

Practice with both closed and open eyes at various times during the day and night. It’s important not to get fixated on how you believe that you should be developing. Know that the simple practice of keeping your consciousness at this area is allowing exploration, communication and understanding to take place. This is the purpose of the exercise. However it unfolds is the necessary experience for you. Practice keeping a balance of observation and gentle probing, “listening” or feeling for what this energy is communicating to you. In the beginning this communication will be mostly non-intellectual so don’t expect a discussion! It will be more of a reciprocating energy, feeling, vision or sound. Look at it as learning to communicate with a new being. We need to find through experience the way that it communicates. We learn it’s gestures and we learn how to deepen the communication. In time we are able to have lengthy and deep communication and from this we gain understanding and knowledge about our own relationship with this energy.

The essence of energy connection is experiential understanding. The more that our mind and body understands, the greater our opportunity to direct our consciousness and therefore our lives. Empowerment is not exclusive to having many choices, it is simply that through experiencing many choices we gain the opportunity to understand ourselves. This is where empowerment is realized. Getting too fixated on this chakra or that chakra can lead us away from understanding a deeper level of the mind and can in fact make us addicted to needing a particular energy. On the other hand understanding that the mind can connect to anything, anywhere, at anytime brings us freedom.