Commanding the Universe

Power is found in the ability to control and master all the energies of the universe. The path of the novice begins in controlling the energy of the mind, body and progresses to mastering the energies of the earth, sun, moon and larger universe. As ability extends, so too does the power that is realized. Cycles of ability spiral through a grid of sacred geometry and in time the novice becomes the adept. The forms of power dissolve in on themselves and as deeper mastery is realized internal and external energies lose their form. The consciousness that was once mind, body and spirit becomes one, yet at the same time expands outwards. The ability to control energies in all their forms is realized, yet the separateness, the uniqueness and the finite forms are perceived in even more depth and exquisite detail. This is the mountain peak where all religions, spiritual traditions and Esoteric schools find that their true essence meets.

The ability to command the universe is the ability to command the consciousness in full. What is full is expanded to its outer limit as the portals to further realization are found, expanded once more and illuminated.

There is no longer any separation between the desire to create and the creation, as the space in between has been mastered. There is no longer space between ignorance and Enlightenment because the illusion between these has been bridged.

The training of technique gives way to the understanding of the self and of truth. The understanding of form gives way to the understanding of creation. This understanding is what opens the consciousness to full Enlightenment.