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Activating Etheric Manifestation

The Etheric is where manifestation first takes place, it begins with vibration and become denser until reaching critical mass in the physical. Setting up ‘trends’ or self-sustaining currents of intention and energy within the Etheric is the most direct method of bringing solid manifestation into physical reality. The best method for this is to project directly into the emotional plane and then exit this plane by continuing through to the subtler Etheric. Using this method will ensure that emotional limitations have been transcended for the purposes of this excursion.

You will notice that in this plane your consciousness is devoid of the usual ‘mix’ of emotions. This is because of the lighter density of this plane. Learning to set up ‘trends’ or a current of self-sustaining manifestation is relatively easy because most limiting beliefs simply cannot exist here. The main issue will simply be learning to charge and build the ‘structure’ or ‘trend’ – this is something that will be rapidly learned through practice.

Enlist the aid of devas, elementals and other beings of this plane – you should not have any issues with lower plane entities because once again their density is too ‘thick’ to enter. Elementals are often chaotic but observing and learning to communicate with them will increase your understanding of how this plane works. You will notice that they, devas and other beings manifest easily here and with a joyous, reckless abandon. Their reasons and intentions may not match your own, but what is important is to understand and observe the methods and principles that they implement and to learn from this.

Returning to the physical you should have a strong, tangible impression or feeling of these connections in the Etheric linking through to your own being. If you have clairvoyance you will see the energies from these structures working with your own energies and if you have clairaudience you will hear them communicating with your own being. These structures and devices will sustain and create your manifestations pretty much 24/7 so ensure to reprogram or transform them when you have achieved your goals.


Real Manifestation – How to Create Your Reality

Manifestation is creation. It encompasses all that we create, from a single thought, to a breath, footstep or dollar. For each creation there is a transformation of energy, there is expenditure, destruction and creation of form. These days in metaphysical circles it is becoming popular to think of manifestation as existing without needing to expend any effort at all. There has become such a separation between body and mind, that people believe that if any physical effort or action is implemented at all, that this is not real manifestation. This way of thinking simply limits the potential and reality of manifestation.

Manifestation is not about creating things without lifting a finger. Manifestation is just about creation – period. Mental, physical, spiritual – it’s all the same to a consciousness that is intent on getting real and tangible results in life. The belief that says that all manifestation has to happen without any effort is simply limiting all the other ways that creation could happen.

It is our definitions and beliefs about work and effort that are getting in the way here. How can manifestation be working if I need to labor for 40 hours to get it done? The real question is: why is 40 hours for a manifestation wrong? Ah! Because I should be sitting on my couch waiting for enlightenment, a new car, fame and fortune to come knocking my door down!

The guiding principle of manifestation is to imprint the pattern of achievement into our consciousness. This pattern then communicates with our world with the language of achievement. If this language is saying: “I am master of my destiny, but only if I don’t need to do a thing,” then what is being broadcast loud and clear is that this goal really isn’t worth it. True intent is not about “I don’t want to lift to finger or get my hands dirty.” True intent is about “there’s my goal, let nothing not even heaven or hell stand in my way.” With an intention like that the language being communicated is entirely different. The world understands that we are serious about our goals, that sensations, emotions and feelings aren’t going to hold us back. More importantly, our own consciousness understands that we are serious. It is this kind of mindset that makes providence move mountains for us. It is also a mindset that cannot be faked. Denial is one thing – continual lack of results is hard to ignore.

We need to shift our minds from being attached to concepts and slogans, to looking at results. Legions of philosophy, spirituality and theory die in their very first steps when asked to provide results.

All manifestation, whether spiritual, financial, emotional, physical or otherwise has a logical process and practice that delivers it. If results are lacking, it is because the process is missing something. It may be something on the mental level, it may be something on the physical, it may be information and knowledge, it may be action and discipline. Real manifestation occurs when we recognize the process and structures that need to be linked and in place and then respond appropriately. The real reason that manifestation fails or is only partially realized is because limiting beliefs prevent us from seeing the opportunities and understanding that we can enter into them. This is all. Manifestation is simple. It becomes more complicated with each and every condition that we place on it. Being open to all the ways that creation may come, means that we need to destroy all the beliefs that would stand in creation’s way.


The Zero Point – The Ultimate Manifestation Power

The zero point is a state of consciousness where no distance exists. This means that the beginning exists within the end, awareness exists with ignorance and power exists with impotence. The reason that this state is so powerful is due to the fact that healing, manifestation and empowerment can occur instantly. There is no pause between here and there, because here and there exist in the same point.

For all things to exist in the same point is to mean that all things are one. It is this unity that allows mind, body and spirit to be one. It is this unity that allows the Shaman to become the wolf. It is this unity that allowed Nicola Tesla to be the mind of technology.

Embracing destruction is important in order to experience the zero point because without destruction we will not conquer our limiting beliefs and emotions. Destruction provides room for movement or creation. Creation creates experience which then opens the way for reflection and observation, which then paves the way for further destruction and refinement.

The zero point consciousness is found through destroying all that is separate. The more that unity is created, the more that separation is destroyed. The creative phase appears as a result of this. Although energy is not actually destroyed, the form, essence and the meaning that it represents can be.

Zero point consciousness has the potential to completely destroy the form, essence and meaning of energies.

It is this power that makes it so valuable to healers and adepts of all kinds. This power is also the reason why complete zero point consciousness can usually only be accessed by those that have spent the time and done the work stretching and conditioning their mind. The conditioning of the mind ensures that along with power, the adept also has control and perception.

Certain technologies and psychedelic drugs are able to connect the mind and body to a relatively strong zero point consciousness and many realizations can be had in this state. There is however no real control, since the very tools that determine control are the faculties that are used to develop a firm and measured grasp on zero point consciousness from scratch.

The massive difference is whether it is the zero point that directs us or us that directs the zero point.

Having the power to manifest and make powerful connections instantly may sound great, but the ramifications are huge if we are not in control. A mind that is unable to focus or manage its many emotional states can and will create more pain and suffering for itself when it has the power to do so. Just as a healer can transpose a diseased state, zero point consciousness can also bring on a diseased state.

The experience is completely different when all the supporting muscles of the mind and consciousness have been developed, and it is the very development that takes place when training with control to connect to zero point that develops these muscles. This provides the ability to create, sustain and manage the profound amounts of energy involved.

This planet has been littered with the corpses of minds eager for spiritual quick fixes and answers, but not willing or knowing enough to do the work required to get these. The answers have always been the same. Lack of control leads to power out of control.

Zero point consciousness is a destination of profound value. This value is only truly open to us when we develop it through the use of our own faculties and senses. It is only then, that we have the control and perception to direct it.


Recognition and Advanced Manifestation ~ Part 3

Mastery of the skills of manifestation comes through intensive practice and work. We must develop the ability to continuously confront and respond to what is required. This practice must be cultivated until courage, sensitivity and awareness becomes natural.

All masters who have developed the ability to manifest instantly have progressed through the ranks of first expending massive amounts of energy, focus and will in training. The furnace of training involved in this type of practice is what tempers and conditions the consciousness and enables it to move and create. There is no avoiding this if we are to gain these skills. The very fears, doubts, lack of patience and confusion that would prompt us to find an easy route to manifestation are the exact same aspects that will strengthen and develop our consciousness. We need these aspects to develop strength and sensitivity, a type strength and sensitivity that enables us to control our consciousness. This is what manifestation is and requires.

There are types of manifestation that are like puffs of wind and to those of us that can perceive this energy we can see that it is instantly dispersed. There is quite literally not enough energy or effort to hold it in our reality. The type of energy that we need to develop is of the mindset that is resolute and fixed in its determination to achieve its goals. If we have the mindset that we wish to manifest but only if we need not do any real hard work, then this is the exact intention that is expressed and projected. If we have the mindset that we will do whatever is required, that we will find a way and that even if we meet a wall we will climb over or find a way around it – then this is the type of energy and intention that we will manifest. At the mental level this type of consciousness looks for opening and opportunities everywhere. At the physical level the body is prepared and sensitive to respond.

Mastery of manifestation has never been about producing reality effortlessly. This has simply been a byproduct. The aim of manifestation is just that – to manifest exactly what we want, using whatever tools and knowledge we have and can get our hands on. This mindset creates that of an inspired, disciplined and dedicated explorer, on the lookout for new and better ways to do what we do.

It is this mindset that creates effortless power.

By finding ways in which first and foremost we achieve our goals we find better ways to succeed. If we simply seek to find easy ways and forgo making achievement our priority then we will find that what we create are ways of ease but not a lot in the direction of success. Finding ways that lead to our goals provides an opportunity to know and understand the destination. Then we can find paths of lesser resistance and effortless power. The ironic beauty is, that in achieving effortless power we have already transcended the need for it.


Recognition and Manifestation ~ Part 2

Directing consciousness, recognizing what is required and responding to this requirement are what allow our intentions to become manifested. Of all of these it is perhaps recognition which is most commonly missed and the primary reason that manifestation fails.

Recognition allows us to see exactly why experiences are unfolding as they are and the directions needed to affect positive change.

Recognition is the ability to see the threads of life that can lead us to our goals. If we are working to manifest a home, recognition will direct our mind to understanding what we currently know and do not know about houses and perhaps lead us to a builder or real estate agent. If we are working to manifest a healthy body recognition will direct our mind to understanding what we currently know and do not know about a healthy body and lead us to information, people and resources that will help to elicit this change. The stronger we direct our intention to manifest the more threads and directions will become apparent to us.

Recognition is the reason that we form relationships with teachers, mentors and those more experienced than us. They are able to recognize where we are on the path, what we need to move us to a level of higher awareness and see whether our practices are working for us. In the first however it is ourselves that recognize that we can accelerate our progress by learning from a teacher or mentor.

As recognition and response evolves to a deeper level, integration moves toward a direction of happening instantaneously. Solutions are understood, the necessary energies and emotions are fueled in such a way that limiting beliefs will be moved through and supporting beliefs can come to the fore. All of this occurs in that instant of recognition. At an internal level the forces of consciousness will have mobilized and formed the necessary forms to elicit expression within external reality.

It is important to understand that in the beginning manifestation will often require what we perceive to be an internal as well as external recognition and response. That is to say that external action will be required to fulfill internal needs. As training progresses it will seem as if less external response is needed until finally the process becomes entirely internal. Reaching this stage requires a deep and thorough understanding of the communication and relationship between the internal and external worlds. Real and tangible integration occurs only when we actually experience the connection between the two, and this can only be achieved through observation and recognition.


The Power of Experience

There are no concepts or theories that can ever compare to actual experience. Experience is the truest and deepest teacher because it allows feeling and sensation to penetrate our being to the core and allow us to realize true meaning and power. Perhaps just as importantly experience is the difference between dissecting what works and what is fantasy.

When so much in the spiritual and personal development arena is puffed up by words and promises the only thing that will directly cut to the core is experience. Experience, actually feeling and living the reality of a theory or concept will immediately clear the table of all that is not real. What is left is solid and tangible. The opportunity that this provides us is two-fold. On the one hand it provides us with a foundation upon which to build further skill and on the other it presents our intellectual and doubting mind with results. From these results we sow the seeds of confidence and this confidence in turn fuels and sustains our practice. This is the cycle that ultimately brings us to our goals.

The first fundamental of all practice and therefore experience will always be focus. Without focus our energies and mind are scattered. We may have direction, we may have ideas and knowledge, but without focus all these are rendered impotent. Focus is the energy and mind state that allows us to integrate our other skills and knowledge. After focus we must realize awareness. Awareness is the art of listening and it is the only way we have of understanding the “canvas” upon which we are creating. Without awareness or listening it is like having a conversation and not knowing what the other is saying. The communication becomes ineffective. Where ever we are on the path these two fundamentals must be entrained into us. Our mind and body must be guided to experience the feeling of focus and the feeling of awareness. It is only through this experience that our consciousness can receive the knowledge at the deepest levels of mind and body. Without this integration we will always lack focus and awareness and without these developing other skills is a relative waste of time. They will have no foundation to stand on and no way of assessing their potency.

When the foundation is built and by this I mean experienced solidly then there are many paths or branches available. There is the path of Enlightenment, Realization and Alchemy. There is the Hermetic path, the path of Magic and Metaphysics, the Astral path or the path of Yoga. All these paths require their principles to be internalized through experience to truly be understood. Otherwise they are merely metaphors, stories, concepts and theories. Without experience it is easy to argue about the differences of these paths for they surely do seem very different. Through even the most rudimentary of experiences and actual practice it is easy to understand the one true source that underlies them all. This unifying essence is the mind which through all these practices is being moved, stretched and shaped. It is learning forms and formlessness. It is experiencing the finite and the infinite, yin and yang and the Tao. Through experience whole books of lore can be proven to be dead ends or a single phrase can show the way. Eventually all the texts and teachings will give way to the experience of the inner-tuition that is true and alive knowledge and wisdom.

The journey to the top of our mountain is achieved when we stop to reflect on the way we are going. Reflection is listening. Listening is observing the effects of our experience. Through honest and open reflection we are able to navigate our path. Is it likely that we will progress in this direction? Do we require the development of other skills? These are the questions that come from honest reflection and the answers provide us with the opportunity to go further.

Sitting at the bottom of the mountain it can be easy to dream about the peak and perhaps not as exciting to think about picking up the rucksack and taking those first steps. Even less exciting can be the prospect of sore muscles and aching breath, but it is only in experiencing the mountain that we can develop mastery of the mind and body. Sitting at the bottom we merely develop mastery of dreaming. Furthermore it is only through taking the climb that we may discover that we are able to not only climb the mountain but perhaps fly from its peaks. Potential is only realized when we stretch who we are and experience all that we could be. All of this lies in the province of practice and practice is experience.


The Power of Honesty – The Secret of Unlocking the Ultimate Power of Your Mind

Honesty is integral for achieving real empowerment.

Without honesty we never really know what we truly want. Dishonesty within, will struggle against any developments in awareness. The two are fundamental opposites. To be honest with ourselves means to listen and see – even when what we hear and see is not particularly to our liking. It is the difference between telling ourselves what we like, want and feel – and listening to what we actually like, want and feel.

Honesty is the reality as it is, not as we want it to be.

Without looking and perceiving clearly what reality is here and now, we are living in delusion – a state which must be cleared before the path to our destination becomes clear. We need to start where we are. We must listen to the many voices that speak within us. The many feelings that rise to be heard – and then we must ask what is the meaning of this communication?

When we create an internal governor, an entity or aspect of our mind that will stand for the purpose and meaning for our highest good, then we have the opportunity to bring understanding and unity to the other selves. First we must hear them speak, and to truly hear we must be willing to be honest.

Honesty reveals the way through and to all levels of the self.

Perhaps one aspect of the self is restless or agitated. In listening we will understand why there has been struggle in this area, and so we gain the opportunity to resolve and reconcile. This cohesion brings inner peace at this level. Perhaps another part is grieving and in listening honestly, we gain the opportunity to understand why it is grieving, and so we gain the opportunity to find healing.

Without honesty we choose to live in the dark and yet wonder why the feelings, thoughts and reality that we have are not the ones we want. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is truly insane. In being honest we allow ourselves to look and see the cause and effect of our actions. We gain the opportunity to ask: “Is this what I truly want? Or do I desire a change in paths?”

Honesty is congruent with the development of observation and self-awareness. On one level honesty is admitting that we do indeed desire a particular experience, be that emotional, physical or mental. On another level observation may show us whether or not the path we are on will likely bring us that experience. If for example we seek empowerment, are the choices and actions we take supporting the creation of that reality? Are we feeling more empowered overall than we were last year? If we would like to have more fulfilling relationships, are the choices and actions that we have taken supporting the reality of this desire? Are we experiencing more fulfillment here and now than we have in the past?

Honesty allows us to achieve results in a concrete way. Rather than hoping that chance will throw a bone our way, we systematically learn to know ourselves and understand the nature of cause and effect. Understanding brings empowerment.

Mechanically speaking honesty is easy. It is the simplest way to true fulfillment. In practice it is challenging because of pride.

If we do not want to “lose”, then we may hold back from admitting that we already have. Until we allow ourselves to look honestly at what is actually happening here and now, we don’t have a chance of creating our reality with any conscious direction. It all just keeps rolling from the product of our past patterns and reactions.

The honesty path although it may require us to look at some truths that sting, actually allows us to create a life that is imbued with experiences that contain for us meaning and purpose. In retrospect the sting of honesty will be like water off a ducks back. It’s this experience that allows people to genuinely laugh at themselves, because they have elevated themselves above the part of their ego that would do anything to avoid that sting, that feeling of loss.

In letting that part lose, we actually win – big time.

We laugh because we experience real inner victory. We see what we have gained and realize the experience of that sting of pride for what it is. No big deal.

In the long run we gain exponentially more by allowing ourselves to grow than holding ourselves back. At the top of the mountain the pride that we gain from having achieved so much far outweighs any pride lost in the journey. Furthermore the journey itself has shown us the transient nature of pride itself – and so we learn to laugh at ourselves, because we can see that regardless of our “flaws” and “foibles” we are capable of climbing mountains!

Be honest about your strengths and be honest about your weaknesses. Each has the capacity to help the other.

Admitting that things have not worked out, that our “causes” have not had the “effects” that we desired, we actually get the biggest opportunity to make a major overhaul. It’s like a company realizing that a certain product just isn’t selling. If they don’t want to admit that they might have been wrong on something, then they continue to lose. If they admit that for some reason it’s just not working, then they gain opportunities to turn it around.

Hear what the inner critic has to say, but know that just because the voice comes from within, it doesn’t mean that it’s the last word. Develop the inner governor, a voice of reason and wisdom that can communicate with all the other aspects of yourself with understanding and compassion, but also firmness. It is the part of you that will listen but then make the decisions that need to be made. It is that part that listens with understanding, responds with compassion and acceptance, but is still able to do what is needed. In short it is the councilor who hears, loves and respects the child’s voice yet knows that there are other considerations also. It is the higher self that sees from a bigger perspective that can understand the paths that lead to fulfillment and those that are dead-ends. The honesty exists in listening to all concerns openly, knowing that they may come in the form of thoughts, words or feelings and emotions. The strength exists in allowing the honesty to be there. It also exists in learning how to meet each aspect of the self with understanding while still directing a larger, higher and more expansive picture.

Each aspect, each voice has a purpose, a reason for being that is connected with us. Understanding that purpose gives us the opportunity to integrate directions and find reconciliation within. All aspects of the self have an honesty that is revealed when we are honest with ourselves. Meeting each one openly and allowing the inner governor to genuinely seek understanding with each is the essence of honest communication.


The Way of Manifestation Part 4 – Listening

The way of listening moves us into a subtler realm of manifestation. It is a skill that allows us to to develop and fine tune the principles of realization. Mastering listening really begins to open the doors to creating reality. We begin with affirmations of what we want. Vocally at first. Then in our minds. Silently expressing the affirmation and command. Up until this point we are working with the positive expression. Now we listen for the affirmation.

Work with this:

Silently express the command “Vibrant Health.”

Now listen for the echo of the command.

Remember that the affirmation already exists. We are training our minds to hear something that has already been created. Whether we initially hear the command or not, we continue to listen and in doing so we train our minds to become sharper. In time it will learn to distinguish and tune into the frequency of the affirmation. This is the basis of auditory realization. Similar training is found in the development of clairaudience, finding the eternal “OM” and connecting to “spiritual tones” for dimensional shifting.

We want to be intimately familiar with the difference between mentally projecting a sound and listening to a sound that already exists.

What is required is dynamic focus and enough trust to know that the sound does exist. We need to sustain our discipline and focus in order to move past doubts that the process is not working. This is particularly important in the beginning.

It may require imagination at first to bridge the gap between what you currently believe and what is possible. This separation or gap is caused by the beliefs of the mind. Imagination is what gets the mind to move past those beliefs. In time the object of imagination becomes more tangible to the mind and begins to shift into our reality. We learn to hear what has always been there.

Developing the skill of finding that middle point between listening for the sounds we desire and surrendering is what we require. It is not a full letting go – remember the example of the paper plane. We give just enough power for the plane to glide, not too much or it will clash with the air. We let it go but keep our minds with the plane. Focus on it.

Let’s work with this exercise a bit more. Using the example of health begin by vocalizing at your usual speaking volume the affirmation: “I am in vibrant health.”

Say it a few times to get accustomed to it.

Then say it silently in your mind. Don’t worry too much if your mind starts saying other things. The mind is like that – it always has a come back, don’t be concerned.

Now listen for the affirmation. Don’t express it with the mind – just listen for it. If your mind has lots of thoughts and other voices just let them be and go deeper. The affirmation may be quiet or loud, subtle or obvious.

We are listening for the genuine affirmation that requires no input from ourselves other than to listen. The affirmation already exists. Don’t let the mind fool you that it does not. It is there.

Again don’t be concerned with whether the process is working or not working, whether you are doing it right or not. This is the beauty of listening and realization. Simply by looking out for it you are doing it right. It is the listening and the looking that is being trained here – so as long as you are doing this, which you are, then you are doing it right.

Allow the genuine affirmation to unfold for you in it’s own time. It will become clearer as we find that balance between not struggling with the mind and putting out a beacon or feeler for the sound.

To coordinate affirmations with the visual and kinesthetic senses means that they work together. The visual sees us having achieved the desire here and now. The kinesthetic sense feels the emotions and feelings that we will feel. The auditory sense hears the affirmations of success.

Manifestation is a balance of action and letting it happen. It is the subtleties that make the difference. Listening for affirmations that are already there trains us to understand that what we seek already exists. Listening in itself requires us to let it happen. The very instant that we realize that something already exists we cease struggling to make it happen. Why struggle for vibrant health when we allow our bodies and minds to realize the existence of it here and now? This is the moment when we allow that reality to come to us.
Struggle merely affirms that the reality of vibrant health does not exist. It affirms what we do not have. Realization on the other hand is literally an opening of our eyes to what already exists. The mind realizes, the body realizes and the entire process is an affirmation that vibrant health already exists.

As we listen for the affirmations and commands that support our goals we draw that reality to us. As we listen for the affirmations and commands that limit our goals we draw that reality to us. The freedom to choose either is simply a matter of learning to listen and develop dynamic and flexible focus.

The practice of listening is one of the most effective ways to familiarize the mind to the reality of the law of attraction. If the practice has given elusive results before, it may be because contained within the process has been the affirmation of lack. What this basically means is that if we are struggling, then what we are actually manifesting is that achievement of this result is to be a struggle. If we are craving a particular result, then what we are manifesting is that we crave a particular result. It’s a pretty dirty catch 22 huh? But not to worry. The art of listening takes care of the situation.


The Way of Manifestation Part 2 – Once More With Feeling

The core of all desire is feeling. Feeling is what we seek to fulfill with all our creations, manifestations, struggles, growth and evolutions. Manifestation is the action of directly creating our desires. Since desire is feeling, this is where we will stabilize the creative process.

We started with visual imagery because this has one distinct advantage over kinesthetic or tactile/feeling imagination. This is that for the majority of us it is infinitely easier to visually imagine events and experiences that we never had before, than to feel events and experiences we have never had before.

It is far easier to recollect the feeling of something when we have been through it. It gives the mind something to grasp. Even so in this day and age it is not uncommon to experience disconnection even from emotions and feelings that we have been through.

Compare this to the visual imagination where people regularly daydream and see themselves doing things they have very probably never done before. It would not be so difficult to imagine ourselves topping the class in our exams, becoming the president of the world or winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Having said this the power of manifestation really comes into power when we coordinate the sensory of feeling into it.

So first we need to recognize that beneath the visual manifestation, beneath the wishes and dreams what we are really after is feeling and emotion.

Connecting to the feeling and emotion that we ultimately seek from our manifestation draws that reality to us. The reason for this which I have spoken at in length in the articles on realization is that these dimensions or realities already exist. By tuning in and aligning ourselves to the mind state that we have in these dimensions we attract that reality to us. One of the important reasons for understanding this principle, is that when we acknowledge that this reality already exists then we do not need to “try” to create it. Trying actually creates a struggle in the creation. It affirms that the creation needs effort. When we open ourselves to the reality that it already exists then we let go. This “letting go” lets the reality manifest. Some may also associate this feeling as a kind of “surrender.” Understand that this type of surrender is positive and beneficial. It is not giving up – it is surrendering the struggle against ourselves so that the manifestation can come through.

Look at it like throwing a paper plane. We need to direct the plane but if we put to much force into it the plane will not glide as far. Eventually we need to let the plane do it’s thing.

When we try to “hold on” this attachment actually holds back the process of what we are trying to create.

The principles of manifestation can be used for anything.

Let’s say that you wish to manifest good health. Visualize yourself in excellent health. Work everyday on seeing your health perfected. See it inside as well as out. See the cells and dna of your body vibrant and shining. Begin to imagine the feeling of health – and remember to imagine how you would feel when you have attained that health. The happiness and security you would feel having vibrant health. The inner power and stability. Work on perfecting the visualization on both the kinesthetic and imaging level. Bring the visualization into the present – see and feel it happening now.

It is important to remember that the reality of health exists parallel to the reality of disease. We want to align our minds to the reality of health so that it realizes this dimension. Dis-ease implies a lack of ease in the body. Health requires an ease, an affirmation that life within does not need to be a struggle. The more that we “try” for health, the more we affirm the struggle, the more we train our minds to find the dimension of health the more we move into ease.

The deeper our minds go the more “into the physical” the manifestation becomes.

Connecting to feeling requires that we have an idea of what that feeling might be like. Visualization can help us to tap into this. When we see what we want in our mind’s eye we can observe the little details exactly how we want it to be. How are we feeling in that visual? What emotions are being felt? Bring them into the imagery. Make the visuals and the feelings congruent with one another.

Here is another tip for when it is difficult to connect to feeling: Spend time around people that have already achieved what we seek. Make sure that they have the mind state too – not just the external trappings. It is the mind and emotional connection that we are familiarizing our minds and bodies to. This works because there is an energetic relationship between this person and for instance, health. They have succeeded in inter-acting with the entity that is health in the way that we also desire. Observing them, feeling the energy lets us to understand what the interaction requires.

Be observant of the feeling. Observe their body language. Know what you want and what you don’t want. You are looking for tuition on how they interact with this energy. Let your mind stretch. Imagine it moving into their space and connecting and observing this interplay of energy.

Sit at a busy area, a train or a bus and allow your self to observe the people. Just let your senses bring to you whatever is already there. Let your judgments, thoughts and emotions just come and go as they wish – like a stream. Observe and know that your intention to understand this knowledge relevant to your goals is being understood right here and now. This practice will give you the ability to perceive the people that have achieved the mind-state that you desire. We are learning to connect to the feel or vibe of a person. Note that it’s not necessarily the person themselves, but the frequency or energy that we want to understand.

When you do solo practice at home connect back to this energy – train your body and mind to know that you can bring it on at will. Coordinate the feeling with the imagery. In your mind’s eye see yourself having achieved your goals.

How would you look?

How would you feel?

What would you be doing?

See it and feel it now.

This new mindset will begin creating opportunities for this reality. Knowledge, perceptions and observations will be up for change and up for grabs. In the example of health, you may become aware of posture, breathing and tension. You may meet people who have further knowledge on health. Your awareness of what “health” means to you will grow, as it grows you will see opportunities for creating health. Exploring these opportunities feeds energy into them. A reciprocal communication goes on which expands the relationship between you and the energy or entity that you are manifesting. Action must be taken. Whether that action is taking the opportunity to perceive in a different way, or whether the opportunity is to talk to someone who has come into your space, it is the action that creates the reality.

Conscious manifestation can only be mastered through practice. Sporadic practice will lead to sporadic results. Consistent practice will lead to consistent results. The core of manifestation is understanding cause and effect, an experience that is only understood through observation, “trial and error” and exploration. It is a universal law that experience will always bring further understanding. All that is required is that we keep going – keep our consciousness moving in the direction that we desire.


The Way of Manifestation Part 1 – Visualization

Visualization is one of the most powerful tools for manifesting the reality that we want. From our desires we build our ideas, from ideas we envision our success, from our vision we create our reality.

Visualization is one of the best kept “secrets” of conscious manifestation. It’s one of the ways up the mountain to creating a life that we desire. Whether we seek to create wealth, health, happiness, be free of pain, emotional wounds or just have a simple life – the principles of manifestation will apply. It’s all about understanding the interactions of energy and ourselves. Visualization interacts with our minds and bodies in a very interesting and effective way. If a visualization is strong and/or sustained long enough, we create a belief and knowing that we are now manifesting that reality. It is seen and witnessed and so it is done.

All of us have the ability to visualize perfectly. We just need to allow our minds to realize this.

Close your eyes for a moment and try to see in your mind’s eye an apple.
How clear is it?

Does it shift and waver?

Can you make the apple red?

Can you see it in detail?

A small percentage of people will be able to visualize the apple clearly the very first time. The rest of us need to train our minds to focus on that image much like focusing a camera lens. In time all of us are capable of seeing that apple perfectly in our mind’s eye, and if we can see the apple, then we can see anything – success, health, wealth, love, whatever it is that we wish to create.

It is valuable to understand that clear visualization exists for everyone right here and now – we are just learning to tune into it. It is very similar to tuning a television or radio to get the station that we want. If we are off a little bit, all we see is static. When we keep looking we begin to refine the ability of our mind to hone in on the signal. Eventually the image becomes clearer, and in time it becomes perfect.

Experiment with what types of visualization work easiest for you. Some people find it easy to visualize an apple but difficult to visualize a car driving down the street and vice versa. Make sure to practice both what comes easy and what is more challenging. The aim is to be able to visualize whatever we want whenever we want. As far as manifestation goes however the real fun begins when we visualize ourselves achieving our goals and dreams, and this is what we should focus on as soon as possible. So even if the visualizations are muddy, wavering or unclear at first keep connected and keep going! Your skills will improve with persistence and practice.

One of the important fundamentals of manifestation is that we need to make sure that we see what we want to create as clearly as we can – to actually witness it happening and being achieved in our mind’s eye. It is not complete until we see it happen. This is the fundamental difference between intention and knowing. Intention is a may be. Knowing is a certainty.

If we would manifest our reality we need to make our visualization as clear and as certain as possible. If for example you want to cure yourself of a sickness then see your self fully cured. See yourself flourishing and in vibrant health. Do not stop the visualization until you get it just right. If you want to see yourself acing your exams then see it happening. See yourself doing it easily. See yourself accessing the information you need easily. See yourself walking in and walking out full of clarity and confidence in your abilities. See yourself holding your results in front of you.

The more directed, flexible and strong our focus, the easier it is to visualize. This is something we want to keep in mind. We want to develop our visualization so that it is effortless. If we find ourselves straining then we end up affirming that manifestation will be a difficult and challenging process. Through finding the path in our mind of least resistance we can manifest effortlessly and easily.

As can be seen, the principles involved in visualization tie into the practices of focus and observation that have been discussed in previous articles. The skills of observation give us the sensitivity to know what needs to be worked on, what needs to be refined and honed. Focus is what lets us get crystal clear images. It keeps things sharp. Focus is also what transforms ideas into reality.

It’s a relatively simple process of training a mind that quite literally sees chaos or “nothing” when it tries to visualize to one that has absolute clarity. The “secret” of success is regular practice. We start where we are. Even if the image is present for a split second and then gone this is where we move from. In your practice do not be concerned with whether it is working properly or not. Focus in on the object of your visualization and even if your mind’s eye is complete blackness know that your mind is training to find the shape of your images. Start where you are and step by step your skills will evolve and improve.

If motivation and discipline is a limiting factor then a good starting point is to visualize ourselves being motivated and disciplined. The key is to make it easy, to see ourselves practicing and doing what we want with relatively nothing holding us back. Practice even 5 minutes a day for ten days and the degree of difference in motivation and discipline will be substantial enough to begin getting started on other goals. Self- discipline is a very valuable skill for achieving anything in life, so let it be one of the first things we develop.
Conscious, directed visualization is one of the keys to manifesting the reality we desire. Make it a close friend that you communicate with regularly and it will serve you well.


*In part 2 I’ll be discussing the importance of feeling. We begin with imagery first because for most people it will be easier to stretch the mind to imagine visually events and experiences they have never had before. Most of us for example will be able to imagine riding a red dragon. In contrast many of us find it more challenging to feel something we have never felt before.