The Way of Manifestation Part 2 – Once More With Feeling

The core of all desire is feeling. Feeling is what we seek to fulfill with all our creations, manifestations, struggles, growth and evolutions. Manifestation is the action of directly creating our desires. Since desire is feeling, this is where we will stabilize the creative process.

We started with visual imagery because this has one distinct advantage over kinesthetic or tactile/feeling imagination. This is that for the majority of us it is infinitely easier to visually imagine events and experiences that we never had before, than to feel events and experiences we have never had before.

It is far easier to recollect the feeling of something when we have been through it. It gives the mind something to grasp. Even so in this day and age it is not uncommon to experience disconnection even from emotions and feelings that we have been through.

Compare this to the visual imagination where people regularly daydream and see themselves doing things they have very probably never done before. It would not be so difficult to imagine ourselves topping the class in our exams, becoming the president of the world or winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Having said this the power of manifestation really comes into power when we coordinate the sensory of feeling into it.

So first we need to recognize that beneath the visual manifestation, beneath the wishes and dreams what we are really after is feeling and emotion.

Connecting to the feeling and emotion that we ultimately seek from our manifestation draws that reality to us. The reason for this which I have spoken at in length in the articles on realization is that these dimensions or realities already exist. By tuning in and aligning ourselves to the mind state that we have in these dimensions we attract that reality to us. One of the important reasons for understanding this principle, is that when we acknowledge that this reality already exists then we do not need to “try” to create it. Trying actually creates a struggle in the creation. It affirms that the creation needs effort. When we open ourselves to the reality that it already exists then we let go. This “letting go” lets the reality manifest. Some may also associate this feeling as a kind of “surrender.” Understand that this type of surrender is positive and beneficial. It is not giving up – it is surrendering the struggle against ourselves so that the manifestation can come through.

Look at it like throwing a paper plane. We need to direct the plane but if we put to much force into it the plane will not glide as far. Eventually we need to let the plane do it’s thing.

When we try to “hold on” this attachment actually holds back the process of what we are trying to create.

The principles of manifestation can be used for anything.

Let’s say that you wish to manifest good health. Visualize yourself in excellent health. Work everyday on seeing your health perfected. See it inside as well as out. See the cells and dna of your body vibrant and shining. Begin to imagine the feeling of health – and remember to imagine how you would feel when you have attained that health. The happiness and security you would feel having vibrant health. The inner power and stability. Work on perfecting the visualization on both the kinesthetic and imaging level. Bring the visualization into the present – see and feel it happening now.

It is important to remember that the reality of health exists parallel to the reality of disease. We want to align our minds to the reality of health so that it realizes this dimension. Dis-ease implies a lack of ease in the body. Health requires an ease, an affirmation that life within does not need to be a struggle. The more that we “try” for health, the more we affirm the struggle, the more we train our minds to find the dimension of health the more we move into ease.

The deeper our minds go the more “into the physical” the manifestation becomes.

Connecting to feeling requires that we have an idea of what that feeling might be like. Visualization can help us to tap into this. When we see what we want in our mind’s eye we can observe the little details exactly how we want it to be. How are we feeling in that visual? What emotions are being felt? Bring them into the imagery. Make the visuals and the feelings congruent with one another.

Here is another tip for when it is difficult to connect to feeling: Spend time around people that have already achieved what we seek. Make sure that they have the mind state too – not just the external trappings. It is the mind and emotional connection that we are familiarizing our minds and bodies to. This works because there is an energetic relationship between this person and for instance, health. They have succeeded in inter-acting with the entity that is health in the way that we also desire. Observing them, feeling the energy lets us to understand what the interaction requires.

Be observant of the feeling. Observe their body language. Know what you want and what you don’t want. You are looking for tuition on how they interact with this energy. Let your mind stretch. Imagine it moving into their space and connecting and observing this interplay of energy.

Sit at a busy area, a train or a bus and allow your self to observe the people. Just let your senses bring to you whatever is already there. Let your judgments, thoughts and emotions just come and go as they wish – like a stream. Observe and know that your intention to understand this knowledge relevant to your goals is being understood right here and now. This practice will give you the ability to perceive the people that have achieved the mind-state that you desire. We are learning to connect to the feel or vibe of a person. Note that it’s not necessarily the person themselves, but the frequency or energy that we want to understand.

When you do solo practice at home connect back to this energy – train your body and mind to know that you can bring it on at will. Coordinate the feeling with the imagery. In your mind’s eye see yourself having achieved your goals.

How would you look?

How would you feel?

What would you be doing?

See it and feel it now.

This new mindset will begin creating opportunities for this reality. Knowledge, perceptions and observations will be up for change and up for grabs. In the example of health, you may become aware of posture, breathing and tension. You may meet people who have further knowledge on health. Your awareness of what “health” means to you will grow, as it grows you will see opportunities for creating health. Exploring these opportunities feeds energy into them. A reciprocal communication goes on which expands the relationship between you and the energy or entity that you are manifesting. Action must be taken. Whether that action is taking the opportunity to perceive in a different way, or whether the opportunity is to talk to someone who has come into your space, it is the action that creates the reality.

Conscious manifestation can only be mastered through practice. Sporadic practice will lead to sporadic results. Consistent practice will lead to consistent results. The core of manifestation is understanding cause and effect, an experience that is only understood through observation, “trial and error” and exploration. It is a universal law that experience will always bring further understanding. All that is required is that we keep going – keep our consciousness moving in the direction that we desire.