The Way of Manifestation Part 1 – Visualization

Visualization is one of the most powerful tools for manifesting the reality that we want. From our desires we build our ideas, from ideas we envision our success, from our vision we create our reality.

Visualization is one of the best kept “secrets” of conscious manifestation. It’s one of the ways up the mountain to creating a life that we desire. Whether we seek to create wealth, health, happiness, be free of pain, emotional wounds or just have a simple life – the principles of manifestation will apply. It’s all about understanding the interactions of energy and ourselves. Visualization interacts with our minds and bodies in a very interesting and effective way. If a visualization is strong and/or sustained long enough, we create a belief and knowing that we are now manifesting that reality. It is seen and witnessed and so it is done.

All of us have the ability to visualize perfectly. We just need to allow our minds to realize this.

Close your eyes for a moment and try to see in your mind’s eye an apple.
How clear is it?

Does it shift and waver?

Can you make the apple red?

Can you see it in detail?

A small percentage of people will be able to visualize the apple clearly the very first time. The rest of us need to train our minds to focus on that image much like focusing a camera lens. In time all of us are capable of seeing that apple perfectly in our mind’s eye, and if we can see the apple, then we can see anything – success, health, wealth, love, whatever it is that we wish to create.

It is valuable to understand that clear visualization exists for everyone right here and now – we are just learning to tune into it. It is very similar to tuning a television or radio to get the station that we want. If we are off a little bit, all we see is static. When we keep looking we begin to refine the ability of our mind to hone in on the signal. Eventually the image becomes clearer, and in time it becomes perfect.

Experiment with what types of visualization work easiest for you. Some people find it easy to visualize an apple but difficult to visualize a car driving down the street and vice versa. Make sure to practice both what comes easy and what is more challenging. The aim is to be able to visualize whatever we want whenever we want. As far as manifestation goes however the real fun begins when we visualize ourselves achieving our goals and dreams, and this is what we should focus on as soon as possible. So even if the visualizations are muddy, wavering or unclear at first keep connected and keep going! Your skills will improve with persistence and practice.

One of the important fundamentals of manifestation is that we need to make sure that we see what we want to create as clearly as we can – to actually witness it happening and being achieved in our mind’s eye. It is not complete until we see it happen. This is the fundamental difference between intention and knowing. Intention is a may be. Knowing is a certainty.

If we would manifest our reality we need to make our visualization as clear and as certain as possible. If for example you want to cure yourself of a sickness then see your self fully cured. See yourself flourishing and in vibrant health. Do not stop the visualization until you get it just right. If you want to see yourself acing your exams then see it happening. See yourself doing it easily. See yourself accessing the information you need easily. See yourself walking in and walking out full of clarity and confidence in your abilities. See yourself holding your results in front of you.

The more directed, flexible and strong our focus, the easier it is to visualize. This is something we want to keep in mind. We want to develop our visualization so that it is effortless. If we find ourselves straining then we end up affirming that manifestation will be a difficult and challenging process. Through finding the path in our mind of least resistance we can manifest effortlessly and easily.

As can be seen, the principles involved in visualization tie into the practices of focus and observation that have been discussed in previous articles. The skills of observation give us the sensitivity to know what needs to be worked on, what needs to be refined and honed. Focus is what lets us get crystal clear images. It keeps things sharp. Focus is also what transforms ideas into reality.

It’s a relatively simple process of training a mind that quite literally sees chaos or “nothing” when it tries to visualize to one that has absolute clarity. The “secret” of success is regular practice. We start where we are. Even if the image is present for a split second and then gone this is where we move from. In your practice do not be concerned with whether it is working properly or not. Focus in on the object of your visualization and even if your mind’s eye is complete blackness know that your mind is training to find the shape of your images. Start where you are and step by step your skills will evolve and improve.

If motivation and discipline is a limiting factor then a good starting point is to visualize ourselves being motivated and disciplined. The key is to make it easy, to see ourselves practicing and doing what we want with relatively nothing holding us back. Practice even 5 minutes a day for ten days and the degree of difference in motivation and discipline will be substantial enough to begin getting started on other goals. Self- discipline is a very valuable skill for achieving anything in life, so let it be one of the first things we develop.
Conscious, directed visualization is one of the keys to manifesting the reality we desire. Make it a close friend that you communicate with regularly and it will serve you well.


*In part 2 I’ll be discussing the importance of feeling. We begin with imagery first because for most people it will be easier to stretch the mind to imagine visually events and experiences they have never had before. Most of us for example will be able to imagine riding a red dragon. In contrast many of us find it more challenging to feel something we have never felt before.