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Esoteric Alchemy

Esoteric Alchemy is the study and understanding of cause and effect. By learning how to move our mind and consciousness in and out of reality, mind, body and spirit we gain the ability to shift and transform energy and therefore reality.

The art of Esoteric Alchemy begins by learning to trace the paths of reality as they are. Through experiencing these paths and being guided through the doorways that lie within each path, we learn how to discover reality as it is not. Once again we learn to trace these paths. We experience and then are guided through the doorways that allow us to understand how reality as it is not can exist. We learn the rules and how they relate to the rules of our own reality. We experience the opposing “tensions” that allow contradiction to exist.

As the body and mind is guided to experience multiple, contradictory and tangential realities and experiences, the consciousness is directed and made to expand. Training in Esoteric Alchemy is facilitated by pulsing or directing frequencies through specific “gates.” These gates are the waypoints of the personality as it exists at both the conscious and sub-conscious levels. In some ways it is similar to having a good rapport. There is a reciprocal communication happening and we understand how to feed into the conversation. Esoteric Alchemy takes this to an energetic level. The results are that clients can be taken on guided tours with their Higher Self, group astral projection journeys, shown directly how to heal and remove emotional blocks and turn on and off psychic senses.

The main advantages to developing Esoteric Alchemy with a partner or teacher is that the teacher’s role is to watch the inter-changing energies and direct the energies that are needed to facilitate shifts. The client or other partner’s intellectual mind need not be involved to a great extent and for the most part they are able to simply experience the trip. The benefits are much like being a passenger in a car. We are able to see how to get back there as well as take in the little details. The other advantage with a teacher of course is that they will have been there to a far greater depth and will be able to know exactly what is needed to move further, to return and to facilitate intellectual, emotional and physical comprehension of what has occurred.

It is important that the partner or client who is developing their consciousness in this way is given the appropriate support. Awareness, knowledge and experience is one thing, being able to accept and reconcile the experiences is another. Both are necessary in order to sustain inner peace, happiness and a sense of empowerment. Grounding meditation and stretching are two of the easiest methods to facilitate harmonious integration, but those of us interested in serious development would benefit from working with acupressure and meridian therapy, transpersonal psycho-therapists and experienced healers and meditation therapists. This being said if you are keen to explore the basics of Alchemical Healing find a willing partner and begin to play with some of the various energetic techniques that have been outlined in this site in previous articles. Here are some tips for practice:

Only practice with a willing partner.

Bring yourself to a centered and grounded state of mind. Experiment with the difference in practice when you do not center yourself first.

Take your time scanning and observing the inner energy of your partner.

When ever you “remove” an energy make sure to “replace” it with a new energy or the old pattern will return. You may prefer to think of the whole process as transforming the energy.

At the end of the session bring yourself back to a centered state. Clean and clear your energy body and mind. Experiment with how it feels if you do not clear your consciousness. Observe the differences in energy and overall body feel.

These are basic guidelines for Esoteric Alchemy. The practices themselves are developed in a similar way as any relationship of communication is developed – time and practice. Smooth, articulate speech and rapid understanding, the ability to communicate in other “languages” through learning other techniques and being guided through journeys – all of this comes through experience and immersing ourselves in deeper wells of understanding.


The Alchemy of Anger – Transforming the Energy of Anger into Empowerment

Healing and empowerment through anger is realized when we are able to connect with anger where it exists. This is infinitely different from the reaction that we usually have to anger. We usually “manage” anger by repressing it or releasing it. As a result we fear anger as opposed to being empowered by it. Today we will be discussing a method to shape our minds in such a way that we channel the frequency of anger to nourish and support our body and mind.

The desire to repress or release anger comes from our aversion to this particular frequency. Our minds have developed patterns of management that have also formed ideologies. It has become normal for us to either criticize the world that seems to make us angry or to criticize ourselves. Or we simply choose to deny the fact that we are angry at all and repress the emotion. These patterns occur because we have an aversion to the feeling of anger. It is as much a physical reaction to the biochemical reaction as it is a mental and intellectual reaction.

Learning to become empowered through our anger requires a training on the physical as well as mental level.

When we can coordinate our mind with the frequency of anger a shift takes place. We learn to move into the embodied manifestation of anger consciously and we gain the ability to channel it’s energy with 100% purpose and focus. It becomes an energy which can be use creatively and consciously, as opposed to the usual reaction of repressing or releasing. The two principles are at opposites. One is a rejection of the frequency of anger – the other is an embracing. Ironically through embracing anger we actually become free of the usual negatively associated symptoms of anger. Instead we learn to use it’s energy for nourishment, inspiration and conscious action.

Connecting consciously with the frequency of anger is a different path from that which most of us are accustomed. We have not been trained to do it, we also have beliefs about the rights and wrongs of anger. Many of us will already have an aversion to the mere word “anger”. Practicing the method outlined here will aid in healing the many beliefs and wounds we have developed around anger.

Work with this exercise:

Begin by observing your body. Pay attention to how it feels.

Begin to think about the things which seem unjust and wrong.

Give yourself permission to complain, rant and rage. What is it that is wrong with the world? How have you been wronged?

How have you wronged yourself?

Think about the things that you would stand up for.

Who is the part of you that would fight for what is right? Who is the part of you that would protect your family? Your friends?

Give yourself permission to feel the reflections of anger within.

Is there hate? Revulsion? Observe how they feel in your body.

Take how ever long you need to connect with this feeling. If it should fade simply find that place again.

We are not forcing anger to arise. We are simply feeling for the frequency however light or subtle it may be – however hidden or strong it may be.

At the volume of a deep breath allow yourself to say “ah.”

Allow the pitch of the “ah” to rise and match the pitch or frequency of the anger. We are not aiming at volume but intensity. It may become like a silent roar or scream.

If your face or body feels like expressing, let it express.

Connect the “ah” to the frequency and feeling of anger.

Give yourself permission to really let it out.

Stop making the sound and simply observe the sensations of your body. Observe where the anger was manifesting and notice the feeling of it.

Allow your consciousness to touch it.

How does it feel?

Has it changed at all?

Move through and into it. Observing how the feeling feels physically in your body.

And again begin the silent roar.

Really put yourself into it!

It’s best to explore and find the pitch of the intensity for yourself but here’s a tip if you’re feeling lost. Most people feel anger as a very high vibration in their heads. It is also reported as feeling or sounding like a roaring in the head.

Where ever or however it is, allow your consciousness to move into it.

We are training our minds to move into the fire, to become one. We learn to sit in the fire and become the fire. There is no need to fear. Become the pure energy.

Visualize yourself moving into the anger. Allow your mind to yield and become non-resistant. In it’s formless state it is able to become the shape of anger.

If you simply feel echoes of anger allow yourself to feel into these. Know that they are portals to the full experience of anger.

Come back to observing the body. Allow it to be. Allow your thoughts to be. Simply bring your mind to the feeling of the anger. Allow everything else to be as it is.

If you should visualize anything there, simply allow these sights to pass like a movie. Observe.

Good results seem to come from this practice when we alternate the silent roar with moments of observation and so on. Explore and experiment. Find what works best for you. You may also find that a different sound than “ah” works better. Go for it. The practice is about results and results are about what works for you.

In the beginning when practicing there may be fear upon entering anger, we may flinch or we may be in awe. Whatever comes up allow it to come and just continue with the focusing on the feeling of anger and the “ah.”

We feel fear because we can feel our mind stretching, expanding – we feel as if we should surely burst and erupt with anger – but we do not. We are developing the full consciousness of body and mind to feel the anger. We are developing an expanded consciousness.

Our former aversions to anger are simply a perception of the mind. When we learn to fully embrace anger with body and mind – a deep peace and power will be experienced. It is a very humbling and noble experience.
We can also observe that by opening ourselves to anger in this way we can clearly and coherently begin to understand the messages of the anger. It is telling us not what it believes is wrong – it is telling us what we believe is wrong. It is a messenger showing us how we perceive the world. We then have the opportunity to choose. Do we change the world or do we change our reactions to the world. What we have gained is the clarity to make this decision based on the unity between emotion and intellect.

Anger will stand up for the things that are important to us. It will elicit change for the things which we decide matter to us. It will stand up for the values and principles which we choose to make important.

Anger is needed when we need to to do something dramatically different. It may require us to take a good hard look at ourselves and ask what is wrong. It gives us a sign that there is something to be looked at – something to be made right.

Know that right and wrong are rules which we give meaning to – and where there is meaning there will be importance. If the principles that are right to us are violated and ignored, then anger will give us it’s message. It is asking us to take action. To change the circumstances that we are in – to transform.

We desire to feel differently. Anger gives us this opportunity.

Our reasons for change may be related to the work we do, interactions with friends or loved ones – but ultimately it is the way that we are communicating with ourselves.

One thing to keep in mind with this practice is that the implementation into daily life requires the mind and body connection to unite. We have within us a strong pattern that with anger must come release – and so when intense anger comes our body and mind react instantly. Through practice we can train our bodies to surpass the external release and we enter into the anger. By practicing on the smaller echoes of anger during solo practice, we can prepare ourselves for eventually being able to channel the energy of the larger more intense manifestations.

But remember to forgive yourself if you do at times lose yourself to anger.

While repression or projection can lead to us being a prisoner of anger – expansion of the mind leads to liberation and empowerment.

Anger is a very confronting emotion for many of us to manage let alone change our beliefs and the way we respond to it as drastically as I have outlined in this article. If we observe our usual relationship with anger however we must admit that many methodologies have not delivered us real results. We need to assess what works and what does not if we are to get where we want to go in this world. I for one will not tell anyone what their path is – I simply offer a method for finding healing through anger. As always I encourage you to explore if it is right for you.


P.S. Of course the technique is far easier to explain person to person ( I’m doing my best to put it into words). If you have any questions or comments regarding it feel free to contact me.