Healing the Planet ~ Part 1

A journey of healing begins and ends with healing the self, but as the experience of the self expands so too does the practice of healing. Inevitably and inextricably this path leads to healing all beings and the planet Earth itself.

Human beings move primarily from a core of self-serving necessity. In the beginning this will be realized as providing for our basic survivalist needs – food, shelter, money and so on. Catering for and supplying our emotions and senses is our goal and it is usually when these goals have been saturated to a point that we begin to reflect. This reflection occurs because a space has appeared within our consciousness in between the experiences that had once so enamored us. This space is an awareness of the essential pain, emptiness and fear that we have been trying to fulfill and at the same time run away from. The depth of this space is such that it has an awareness of real depth, as if it has existed for a very long time, and yet there is still an awareness that a solution exists somewhere.

Experiencing inner peace means coming to a real understanding of our pain, emptiness and fear, but we must see with clear eyes what the “self” is before we can hope to be whole and true. Whole healing, peace and the true self are the same peak and any of these paths will lead to these. The reason for this is because when we connect to our true self we perceive through the senses of understanding. Similarly peace occurs when we meet each aspect of our consciousness with understanding and healing in itself is recognition and response which is also understanding. Inner peace is practiced by seeking and exploring each facet of our mind and body and being completely open. Healing is practiced by seeking that which we perceive needs healing and to listen and communicate. Finding the true self is practiced by training the senses and developing focus and concentration. Initially these paths will have distinct signatures. One may seem very disciplined and strict, another may seem open and intuitive and the other still and quiet. Further development tears open the curtains to how we believed the path was meant to go and we are enveloped by new and often contradictory truths.

What is strict and disciplined will need to evolve and change when the purpose of our development changes. To truly explore we must eventually open our minds to new opportunities, this will not occur if we are too rigid and stuck to our path.

The path that is still and quiet must become loud and chaotic if we are too truly find peace, because real peace is found unconditionally and in all things not just in the presence of contrived and created peace.

Open intuition must also know resistance in order to learn how to sustain and direct a path of intention and creation.

The attributes that reflect parts of our consciousness that require understanding, recognition, response and direction are found by connection with our external world and people and observing the connection where it occurs: the physical and mental levels of our mind.