The Source of All Knowledge ~ Part 1 ~ Awakening Universal Consciousness

Knowledge becomes power when its purpose and meaning become revealed to us. This realization occurs when each level of mind, body and spirit is shown how to shift to the frequency that creates clear communication. In truth unless knowledge is integrated it is for all intents and purposes useless. It is having access to all the books in the world but not being able to read, let alone understand them. Integration is what allows us to use knowledge directly in this reality. It pulls intellectual knowledge into the direct experience of the physical body and mind. Through this connection, theory and concept can become tangible and physically manifested.

One of the clearest ways to observe integration is in our interactions with people. Tuning into higher consciousness we are able to see and hear the energetic relationship that we have with another. We can see why and how our emotions and personalities interact. We can see what is needed to add, subtract and connect to in order to facilitate specific directions in communication. This level of vision is within the first layer of integration.

The second layer of integration is the ability to actually effect the energies so that we not only see what is needed, we are actually able to add, subtract and connect to. We recognize and we have the ability to respond. The movement between the first and the second is the movement between observation and action, yin and yang. This movement becomes the vortex within which our consciousness seeks to find harmony. Some also call this the Tao, the Source or the original Spirit.

It has been written that the Source or Tao cannot truly be grasped and to grasp it would mean that it is not the Tao. Perhaps closer to the truth is that there does exist a mind that cannot grasp the Source, but that there also exists a mind that can grasp the Source. Both exist here and now, and both can be accessed through the same mind.

There is little to gain over arguing about whether the Tao, the Source or the Original Spirit can be grasped. If we do not believe, then we do not act. If we believe, then perhaps we will take the initiative to act. This is the real opportunity. It lies in simply exploring, in trying to grasp and grab hold. It is unimportant how many times we fall, all that matters is that we grasp once. In that moment we integrate knowledge. We make it usable.

The first step is to believe, at least enough so that we initiate and sustain a course of action and practice. The intention must always be to gain clear and usable knowledge. This way each step will reveal paths and doors to the next. Small clues of knowledge will lead to larger deposits, eventually making a whole. Through all of this the Tao, the Source and the Original Spirit will shape, form and re-form, infinite definitions of what we will perceive to be reality. By staying close to this reality, aware and observant, sensitive and open, we learn to grasp without grasping. This is the first step to understanding the source of all knowledge.