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Inner Peace – Transforming Darkness into Enlightenment

Peace is a truly destructive influence. Any energy that meets peace is instantly changed by the very fact that it is met with complete acceptance and embrace. There is no struggle or attempt to change it at all. All intention, all perspectives, all moves and counter moves are accepted completely. Every other energy within the universe seeks to express a specific frequency or influence. Peace is different. Peace takes whatever comes and because the energies have no resistance to bounce back off and thus no cause for expression and recreation, these energies are destroyed. They are destroyed and transformed into peace themselves. Complete annihilation of the form and essence of the energies involved.

This is how the peaceful warrior works. There is no co-existence. Everything the peaceful warrior closes with, the peaceful warrior destroys – completely. There is no malice or hatred. These would require that their opponents be wrong and thus the belief that they should change. Peace takes all comers as they are. Right and wrong are both embraced and destroyed unconditionally.

The true essence of peace is one of the reasons that it is so misunderstood on this planet right now. We have a tendency to believe that peace means that we must avoid struggle, conflict and agitation. The truth is the opposite. Peace runs towards struggle, conflict and agitation just as easily as it runs towards love, joy and bliss.

The type of peace that avoids struggle has no chance of creating peace in a world that contains struggle.

The type of peace that avoids hatred, anger and sadness has no chance of creating peace in a soul and mind that experiences these aspects.

A peace that is not able to make peace with struggle and conflict is a very limited peace indeed. It is a peace that only exists when it ignores or creates ignorance and denial. On the other hand a peace that opens its arms to everything is a peace that exists regardless of struggle, agitation and conflict. In truth unconditional peace is the only true peace. For how can we call it peace if we are secretly afraid of feeling fear, hate, anger or sadness? This simply becomes a game of peace. An illusion that we create to fool ourselves in believing and hoping that we are content and at peace. It’s a perfectly normal and human game to play, but it will never deliver the goods compared to real inner peace.

The minute we stop running, pretending and denying our so called negativities and dark sides – all of it trembles. It trembles because we’ve turned and looked it in the eye. It’s the beginning of creating real destruction and transformation. It’s the beginning of real peace – looking and feeling who we are and letting it be as it is.

All the illusions of spiritual and religious dogma may at that moment be booming in our ears. How can we be spiritual and such conceited people at the very same time? How can we strive for such lofty peaks and yet feel such base emotions?

Let them come.

The more we let them come as they are, the more we feel their taint. The more we feel it, embrace it and allow it to be as it is – the greater our peace.

It may not be evident at first.

It may feel dirty, disgusting, tainted or just plain wrong.

And well it should.

Real peace is not requiring that it change. Not one bit. In time that consciousness that is letting things be will look in the mirror. It will see something special, something that does not struggle, that yields to everything and that accepts everything. In that reflection that consciousness will realize how great its inner peace has grown. It has grown large enough to perceive, to feel and to be a true destroyer of all that comes its way.