The Way of Shamanic Healing

What is Shamanic Healing?

The essence of shamanic healing is the art of shape-shifting. Shape shifting allows the shaman to take on the forms and properties of energy. The school of shamanism understands energy existing as forms of consciousness defined as entities. Just as a prayer has a certain form that is shaped to specific requests to God, an inner critic becomes a consciousness in itself which as most of us will perceive to have a certain limited intelligence in itself.

Emotions and thought forms move through the air like radio waves. Through observation we can learn to feel the presence of emotions and thought forms. Our body picks them up like a transceiver radio or satellite dish – we interpret the ones which our bodies and minds are consciously able to understand and the others are filtered through our body and subconscious. There are various methods to deflect, shift and protect from these various energies. Not surprisingly most people have developed their own methods for attempting to minimize the effects of this sort of stuff, but similar to the way we often deal with our own emotions and thoughts it doesn’t always work out the way we plan. For example if we’ve learnt to deal with certain emotions by repressing them, or certain thoughts by criticizing them then we’ll have a similar pattern in play with eternal energy forms too. Valuable to note is that as we learn to deal with our own stuff, in an understanding way we feel more grounded and centered dealing with external energy.

A shaman who knows what they’re doing is able to clearly perceive and manipulate energy because they have trained their mind to see, feel and move through and around energy. The methods of any particular shaman or metaphysical healer may differ on first glance but essentially they are working with the transformation of energy. The power and effectiveness of shamanic healing comes from understanding the principles of energy but also the fact that they have practiced these techniques, perhaps tens of thousands of times for many, many years.

A twist of the hands to remove a dimensional entity is the coordination of the shaman’s mind and body to influence energy. At the level of pure mind the twist of the hands is not needed, but the movement is used to facilitate coordination with what is occurring on the mental and spiritual planes. Similarly wands, crystals and the like are capable of storing and influencing energies, thoughts and emotions. External alchemy has been concerned with the use of these catalysts of knowledge. As the study becomes more internal the shaman or alchemist experiences the energies and knowledge as existing without those catalysts. It is similar to learning from an esoteric teacher – eventually an effective teacher will guide a student to discover the master within.

What is your take on receiving Metaphysical Healing vs Meditation/Doing it yourself?

Having come from an extremely stubborn background where I wanted to discover everything for myself and be totally self-sufficient, I have in the past been reluctant to receive healings because I didn’t want to deny myself the opportunity to learn how to walk the path with my own mind. It was only when I realized that in reality the path had already been walked, I was just training my mind to dispel the illusion and see what already was here. At this stage I recognized the benefit that all healers, teachers, esoteric schools and methods could offer me. In a sense I could say that the student in me was ready and so the teachings appeared everywhere. I began to discover that there would always be an abundance to learn and develop myself around. I also realized that I had never truly been independent – it was simply my pride wishing me to see this. Every breath that I take is a dependant relationship with the air. Every drink of water that I consume is a dependant relationship with the water. It was only when I revealed to myself the fear that had been needing me to be “independent” and “self-sufficient”, did I see my true interaction with the world.

At this stage I felt a new found freedom. Each interaction with healers and teachers would shift my realization and understanding dramatically. Instead of powerful spiritual experiences happening on weeks or months at a time, I was realizing them on a multiple daily basis. But more than this I was understanding that true power existed in the “mundane” as equally as it existed in what I had once perceived as “profound.” It is truly ironic that when I received the “magic” that I’d been yearning for that I no longer craved it.

In moments of extreme connectedness I experienced periods which felt timeless, where understanding the oneness between myself and others went beyond intellectual, it became reality. It was at once horrifying and wondrous, but what it showed me was that my need to be self-sufficient had interestingly resulted in me keeping knowledge from myself. I began to understand that my inner self wanted me to connect with healers, mystics, teachers and practitioners of all traditions in order to accelerate my journey as much as integrate my understanding. Further more my “higher self” was egging me on to share what I had, to be a true communication of deep give and take. It amazes me now to reflect that meeting a certain person could allow me to realize in 10 minutes what I had struggled to understand for years. This in itself was a lesson. I had been asking the universe for understand all my life and yet when the answers were offered to me in a manner which I did not deem correct I closed the door.

Teachings come in many forms. I really enjoy the methods which promote self-understanding but I also now realize that inter-action with others whether people, nature or whatever it may be will still be a method of self-understanding. Whether we like it or not we can’t really get away from this fact: Living is learning. To me self-understanding is what is important whether for me or for anyone. This is the reason why I am open to correspond with anyone about these matters. I’m not a “master” who is above anyone else. I’m me. I’m on my own path like everyone else. I acknowledge the courage and strength that it takes anyone and everyone to live and live well on this planet and I also acknowledge the absolute abundance that I gain from sharing my essence with others and they from sharing theirs with me.