Sharing Wisdom – Creating Positive Karma and Awakening the Inner Master

We are as a planet, and group consciousness moving together toward a goal. Sure there is diversity, fluctuation, deviance and tangent – but as a whole there is a certain frequency that we are all maintaining and moving within together. The destination will be decided by the overall intensity. It has been said that it will only take 1000 people becoming enlightened to pull everyone else into the slip stream. Whether you agree or not the concept is worth reflecting on. Any type of development becomes exponentially more powerful as more people take it on themselves to realize empowerment.

The more people who are living a life of empowerment, purpose and meaning the easier it is for others to join the stream of consciousness. The flow of inspired, resonant energy becomes easier to tap into. New heights are always easier to reach when the base that we stand on is stable. This is achieved by creating strong consciousness.

These exact same principles apply to group consciousness as they do to individual consciousness. Any skills that we would develop become more powerful and easier to develop when we have a strong base conscious to reach from.

Sharing our wisdom by actually living it, talking the talk and walking the walk changes the world. We throw a stone of our essence into the river of life and the ripples spread out, affect others who affect yet others.

If our essence has meaning and purpose then others will feel this resonate deep within them. It will inspire and motivate others who seek this same path. As they grow they will support our own continued growth. As others begin to strengthen, stabilize and support the vibration, then it takes less energy for all of us to support the vibration. We can then use it as a foundation to raise consciousness once again.

All of us have most probably felt the effect of a room full of people resonating to certain energies of purpose. Inspired energy literally fills the room with vital life.

Healers of all sorts are on the planet right now. Their gift comes in many packages and in a variety of shapes. Water to revive and sustain life. Compassion to refresh the spirit. Hands to protect and nurture. Words can break the stone covering a heart with the same intent that a smile can bring remembrance to the soul.

The greatest healing has and always will be self-understanding.

Self-understanding follows the parable of “give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.”

Understanding heals because it is the realization of our own true power. Once we see it we realize the truth. That there is nothing to heal, but without realization then we will continue to live in struggle with ourselves.

When wisdom is shared the foundation from which we grow becomes powerful. From this power we gain the opportunity to move higher and broader.

Wisdom is giving of what will benefit and nurture our journey. It is knowledge, it is gratitude, it is words whether hard of soft, it is thoughts, it is interaction – and like all journeys the giving of wisdom must start with where we are and the wisdom we have.

In what way can we now share of what we are abundant? How can we contribute to the journey?

The size and strength of our wisdom is not important, the form of our wisdom is transient. What is essential is that we give of who we are. A child’s laughter can raise the spirits of a household, the knowledge of a student can inspire a teacher – the power of who we are will shine for as long as we continue to be honorable to what is meaningful.

In sharing we affirm our abundance. We affirm our worth and we realize our abilities in supporting a goal that is precious to us. The two become congruent and the path becomes stronger, the way more illuminated. When we do not share then we affirm a lack of abundance. We affirm that we do not have enough knowledge, energy or power – and so we block our own power. We also affirm that the goal is not important enough to us, and so the relationship does not reciprocate.

If you want knowledge then put knowledge out there – let it interact. If you want money then put money out there – let it reciprocate. If you want power then put power out there – let it communicate. If you want enlightenment – then put enlightenment out there – let it be realized. If you want love – then put love out there – let it be felt.

Broadcast your truth in whatever your essence commands. Words, feelings, a smile, a song, thoughts, wealth, creation – expose what is genuine meaning within you and allow it to be seen and heard.

The nature of the relationship formed will be specific to the essence in which we communicate.
Listen for the genuine feeling of that gratitude. Gratitude is the essence of abundance. Come from here. All expression born of pure and true gratitude integrates the realization of abundance into the deepest levels of body and mind.

Abundance goes beyond what we believe we have.

Give one extra smile a day to a stranger – then add a kind word. There will be an instant reciprocation of energy, the ripples of which give the opportunity to understand the essence and levels of kindness. Break a five dollar bill into ones and give five people a dollar each. Observe what you have given and observe what you have received. Are the feelings as you would wish? If not then listen for the genuine frequencies that you desire to give and receive. Wisdom exists here.