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Despair to Empowerment

Unconditional love is deeply understood in the light of our darkest hours.

It is here that we are finally given the opportunity to extend – to stretch our capacity for unconditional love and acceptance of ourselves.

Loving ourselves when everything is peachy is a cakewalk. It’s when everything is going to the toilet that we really see the depth of our love. It is when we are suffering and are in darkness that we have the greatest opportunity to provide light and nurturing.

The first step as with all things is to simply see. To acknowledge despair for what it is. To feel it for what it is. To fully grasp the moment for what it is. That we are deep in despair.

In the truth of our experience we can then move with honesty – and from honest beginnings we produce honest results.

Know that it takes more than mere cursory acknowledgement – more than simply saying or thinking “yes I am in despair.” The root of despair is feeling – and it is feeling where we must meet it.

It takes full faith to surrender to your inner self. Full faith to know that you are going in. Only by going in – entering that place can you fully understand it. It speaks in feeling and so we must listen in feeling.

Faith is needed to know that when you let your self go. When you surrender – that you will find yourself again. In truth you cannot be lost – but in the moments of despair our perception of this truth is lost. We dispel the illusion by going in.

Nothing will be lost – because nothing can be lost. Faith is a perception that we create because we believe that we do not know. We cannot lose ourselves as long as we remember that there is nothing to lose. Loss too only exists in the realization of it.

All revolution must start where the resistance is.

Working with resistance we find movement – then transformation.

Start where you are. In the depth of despair.  Know it well. Feel it.

From here there are many paths to move. Many methods to transform. But during the transition take careful note. What are the patterns in place that would stop or hinder you from transcending? What are the thoughts, the feelings, the voices that would ridicule, fill you with hopelessness or doubt? These too are children of despair. Hear them, understand them – but know that they are not the only voices that have power.

We can move from despair even with one voice, one weakened thought or breath.

Who is the person that chooses to focus on and thus feed what we choose to feed?

It is your choice when to focus – when to move.

The choice to love is the difference between continual suffering and meeting our despair with understanding. The power of choice gives us freedom – but only when despair is understood.