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The Power of Willingness

Willingness is the consciousness that allows us to act. It is the first step in the process of achievement. In the very first instance we must be willing to acknowledge that we want to achieve a goal. We must be willing to observe that there is something that we desire. Desire forms a direction. Without desire there is no direction and so there is in effect no path. In truth of course there is always a path – just not necessarily the one we want to be experiencing. Empowerment is always about experiencing positive opportunity in our lives. It may be the positive opportunity of finding pleasurable people in the world or it may be the positive opportunity of realizing growth, inner strength and nurturing through an emotion, feeling or thought. Positive opportunity exists at all levels and all dimensions of consciousness. It is willingness that opens up the way to experiencing these opportunities.

Generating willingness requires that we reflect with sincerity. What is it that we seek in life? What is it that is wrong? What is it that is right? What could be better? What could be worse? All these questions allow us to see and reflect on the landscape upon which we have created our reality and ourselves.

If we do not feel that all is right, then what feelings or experiences could open the way to making things feel right?

If we have an inkling as to what it is that we seek in life, then how do we gain more perspective on that spark of inspiration?

If things could be better then how could they be made better?

If life has no meaning to us we need to ask if we want a life with meaning and if so we must ask what it is that could possibly hold meaning for us. Meaning and purpose is infinitely easier to access when we are willing to find it. This becomes the difference between thinking “there is use” and thinking “there is no use, but I’m going to create meaning and purpose regardless.” The former stops the creation of solutions and positive opportunity. The latter finds, creates and realizes solutions, positive opportunity and power. This is the reason why all the techniques and methods of empowerment, personal development and spiritual realization are useless without willingness. Without willingness we simply give up. With willingness we can create even from a state of despair or depression and forge a core of inner strength and power.

In action willingness can be defined as action to move mountains but it can also be shown in a quiet, humble affirmation that we want to feel better, that we want to heal or be free of pain. Willingness is not a matter of intensity, it is a matter of direction. All other aspects come from this.

The simplicity and ease of willingness is that we can form these directions right here and now and it requires no other action other than to acknowledge what it is that we do want. If we seek happiness then this acknowledgement gives us the opportunity to seek how to become happy. If we seek healing then this acknowledgement gives us the opportunity to seek how to become healed. Each step leads to a further depth of willingness, each step prepares us for a further experience of willingness. These small acknowledgements are like the seeds of a tree, they are moved through our minds by intention and direction and within the embrace of our willingness they gain the opportunity to grow strong.

Willingness needs to be nurtured regularly in order to realize a strong direction, but it is not something that requires iron-gloved discipline. On the contrary learning to communicate with the consciousness that is willingness allows us to develop it in such a way that it’s power becomes effortless effort. Developing this stream of mind opens up the way for realizing self-mastery that just “happens” rather than the kind that needs to be forced. The kind of empowerment, enlightenment, inner strength and focus that comes from this is also different from the kind that needs to be forcefully controlled. Instead of developing them we are flowing into a slipstream where they already exist and communicating our intent through them. When we are in this state we simply need to “be” and in being we act and create effortlessly because our essence is in congruency with the consciousness of power.