The Integration of Power – Awakening Inner Mastery

Integration is the practice of aligning meaning and purpose into each facet of our mind, body and spirit. Each of these is reflected in the experiences, thoughts and actions that we manifest in everyday life, so this is the where integration is cultivated.

Knowledge, information and the ability to act on these resources is power. This power needs to be aligned and used toward our purpose, otherwise it is basically useless. For example psychic skills can be used simply to read that so and so has a friend who is talking about them, but to really push the level of personal and spiritual development these skills could be used to fathom why this individual is manifesting these experiences in the first place. Just as importantly these same abilities can be used to access the knowledge needed to reconcile and transcend the source of these experiences.

We need to look deeply and honestly at our goals and why we want them. At the core of our purpose is the desire to be free of fear – to stand fully in our power, complete in our knowledge that we are one hundred percent worthy to be standing on this planet. This will not come to pass unless we make ourselves worthy. We need to stand for what we know to be true and let go of that which is not.

It is easy to become confused when purpose is only expressed outwards. The world will change, our interactions with people and experiences will change. The relationships between these and ourselves will change.

Everything becomes clear when purpose is reflected inwards.

All skill, ability, knowledge, information and power is about self-mastery. Self-mastery is the ability to create the experiences that we want. From the spiritual, to the physical, to the mental, it is self-mastery that brings us step by step to what we want. Frivolous experiences have their purpose – they bring us release from the tension that is inherent in all practices of conscious expansion and stretching. They must be recognized however for what they are – a rest or a respite from the real journey. This truth will always be felt at the core of our being, and no other sensory entertainment will ever be able to hide from its call.

The integration of power occurs by making our lives revolve around our true purpose. Our true purpose becomes powerful when we focus our lives on revealing and expressing it. This is integration also.

Integration occurs at many levels, but essentially it is about action. If we are unclear of our purpose, if we are unclear of what has meaning, then we must prioritize reflecting on meaning and purpose. If we are unclear of how to align our skills and abilities with our every day lives, then we must prioritize reflecting on how our skills and abilities are able to help us – and by helping us, help the world. These levels of reflection and thought are integration in action. It begins with understanding the value of what we have and it then shifts into sharing what we have. Through out it all what keeps our intention moving in the direction of our truth is strength.