The Power of Acceleration ~ Part 1 ~ Expansion and Evolution of the Mind

Acceleration is moving the consciousness in the direction of our boundaries. It is acceleration that trains our mind and body to bridge the gap between the physical, mental and spiritual. It is acceleration that allows the consciousness to at first experience separation and then unity. Acceleration provides a means of intensity. It is a push for growth and a striving for movement and evolution.

It is always important to understand just where it is that we are accelerating to and for what purpose. Acceleration for the sake of acceleration will teach control and focus, but without wisdom it is basically useless. It is wisdom, understanding, reflection and observation that brings us our reason, and reason brings us meaning and purpose. For example discipline for the sake of discipline will only bear so many fruits before the entire practice becomes meaningless. On the other hand in the beginning discipline is needed to support the development of observation, reflection and wisdom. Acceleration is used to push the envelope of development. Instead of a mind that is complacent and lethargic we push it to understanding and becoming familiar with the feeling of alert awareness. At a deeper level what we are really developing is the ability for the mind to transcend both the illusions of complacency and alertness. This however only occurs by the ability to accelerate between the two, eventually joining the two experiences.

Unlocking weaves of wisdom and understanding also comes from accelerating consciousness. It is simply a matter of feeling out the boundaries, shapes and forms of what we perceive our wisdom and spheres of knowledge to be. Then we push out these boundaries. We must be observant and aware. If we push too much then we lose grip of the boundaries, it is almost like they slip off our consciousness. Of course if we do not push enough then our mind is pushed back to the most crystallized pattern of consciousness. The entire process is almost like trying to hold a ball under water, push too hard or not grip in the right way and it may slip up under our hands remaining on the surface. If we don’t push enough then we can’t break the surface pressure of the water.

An opening exists at the moment we reach our peak of acceleration. At this point we have the opportunity to see, listen or feel for a communication or energy that understands what exists at this peak. Just as importantly this communication understands how energy and consciousness can exist at this peak. The significance of this is that once we bridge and link to this communication then acceleration to this point becomes easy. It is going from dial-up internet to broadband. More information is available, the communication is easier and clearer. As movement from this point becomes familiar areas of consciousness that were once normal become slower and easier still. It is like seeing 3 moves ahead, then 6 moves ahead and so on.

Acceleration is all about knowledge. The more knowledge that is integrated and understood, the easier and clearer the synchronicities and manifestations become. On that note it is important to remember that acceleration occurs in many directions. As much as it is important to learn to accelerate to a higher and faster vibration, it is also important to learn how to accelerate to denser and slower states. Another way of explaining this is that the mind needs to realize the experience of moving instantaneously from dense energy to subtle energy and vice versa. The paths through which the mind must travel to and fro are the paths that provide the opportunity for experiencing unity between the two. With each separation that we bring together and bridge, consciousness is allowed to experience and understand the nature of universal unity.