The Power of Destruction ~ Transforming Towards Enlightenment

Destruction is the cleansing aspect of the transformation cycle. It is a changing of the old that makes room for the new. Spiritual destruction flows from universal consciousness and is integrated into our actions and intent by the way that we would choose to evolve ourselves and the planet that we interact with.

There has not been a single consciousness on this planet that sought change that did not also embrace destruction.

Gautama the Buddha created destruction when he chose to leave the cycle of suffering. Each vibration of this master would decimate the emotions of hate, anger and fear. Jesus created destruction when he chose to bring the wisdom of God to this planet. Even in his tortured death he had the ability to choose love and forgiveness.

Each of these masters brought profound and dramatic change to our world – beliefs, understandings, ways of life – all were destroyed and then created anew. The presence of these beings destroyed and created more than all the wars in the last 500 years put together. Their legacy lives on because the waves that they made while they were here, were made in stone. They called to the parts of us that resonated with the messages of universal truth – and when all was said and done we realized their messages as being worthy of religion.

To this day thousands of years after their physical incarnations on this planet, we still reflect, analyze and strive to understand the paths that these masters walked. Their steps left waves where the rest of us left the smallest of ripples – and yet they would remind us that we too were just like them.

The resounding attribute that all pioneers, masters-to-be and explorers have is their willingness to embrace their purpose. It is understanding this purpose that allows them to destroy and ultimately transform those aspects of themselves that would limit and hold them back.

Mastery is about directing the tides of change. These directions bring a deliberate and conscious guiding of where destruction is to take place – and where creation is to flow. These vibrations of change which may begin at the subtlest level as thoughts and feelings, gain solidity when they become congruent with the energies and frequencies of the physical plane. All expression interacts with its environment and in this moment of meeting the transformation elicits a destructive phase as well as a creative one. Mastery is the art of playing the smallest of ripples and guiding them into the perfect cycles of destruction and creation.

Energies of hate, anger and frustration speak to us and it is our understanding of these languages that allows us to understand the essence of our true inner self. Hatred does not exist when we are completely in love with who we are and in exploring the areas where we hate, we can come to discover and reconcile these parts. Similarly, frustration and anger do not form into these intensities when our cells are able to experience a consciousness and a mind and body that is able to create a reality with true meaning and purpose. These emotional energies speak to us of destruction. They are asking for change – inner change. When we change the way that we receive and communicate with ourselves, then our reality changes. Our experiences and purpose become meaningful in a positive way. This shift in attitude is both powerful and profound. It makes the difference between a consciousness that is passionate and inspired to live and one that is not.

It is the need and action that initiates change that destroys and it is the need and action that perceives a better way that initiates creation. The destruction needs to be understood and accepted if the creation and transformation is to be had.