The Power of Mudras

Mudra is an Indian term for seal or circuit. Essentially we connect fingers with thumbs or fingers with fingers to create circuits. The “okay” sign which is usually indicated by connecting the pad of the index finger to the thumb pad is a basic mudra for focus. Mudras form electrical circuits in the body which influence our emotional, physical and mental states. They are, like breath work, chakra work and visualizations, another method to connect to specific frequencies easily. There are mudras for improving concentration and focus, mudras for the immune system, connection to spiritual realms – there’s pretty much a mudra for everything. Understand though that it is essentially the mind that is doing it. A mudra is not a magic wand – using the “okay” sign mudra for instance won’t instantly give us the concentration of Buddha. What it does is essentially give an extra push of energy in a particular “direction”, it is helping to give shape or form to a specific request. When the mind familiarizes itself with frequencies it can bypass all chakra work, mudras and breath and just go direct to the source. In the meantime however use these tools. They are all free and provide an easy and tangible method.

Basic mudras revolve around thumb to index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger. We can vary the frequency of energy by instead of touching pad to pad, touching pad to knuckle crease, pad to knuckle – the variations are literally in the thousands. Then we can work with both hands. Suffice it is to say that I’m not going to go through all the combinations here! Interestingly enough many people will enjoy discovering subtle shifts in energy and purpose by themselves. For example feel the difference in doing the “okay” mudra and then touch thumb pad to the pad of the little finger. Feel different?

Here are a few others to play around with:

Touching the pads of the thumb, middle and index fingers together is said to help release sinus congestion and improve the immune system.

Touching the pads of the thumb, little and ring finger directs life force through your body for health and well-being. Also good for nervousness and anxiety.

The “okay” sign of touching thumb pad to index finger pad gives energy for focus and helps to move energy through laziness, anger and depression.

Touching the pad of the thumb to pad of little finger helps to sustain the physical body from fatigue, weakness and dehydration. Helps to connect to etheric dimensions.

Moving through each mudra in meditation or breathing with the intention to release and charge will clear and energize the related electrical pathways in your body. It’s interesting to see pictures of gods, goddesses, Buddhas and Jesus holding variations of what seem to be mudras and finger modes.

Explore the subtle differences in feeling between mudras, observe and also use intention and visualization to essentially create your own mudras. Remember that it is about direction. Direction to move your energy toward a particular goal. Learn to direct your goals, coordinate your energy and your body and mind will work congruently to achieve them.

Working with physical structures like mudras, breath, Yoga, Internal martial arts, chanting and so on gives us a fairly tangible method to connect to frequencies and feelings. This “bridge” or window to feeling gives us the opportunity for recognition. After enough practice we do not need the window or “bridge.” Our mind is able to move directly to the feeling. It is like learning to ride a bike. At first we use training wheels to find the right balance. In time our muscles and mind understand the necessary balances and we can simply jump straight on and ride. It is useful to remember that just as we need to move to the stage where we wean ourselves off training wheels in order to ride free, we also need to move away from physical structures such as reliance on breath and mudras in order to create a mind that can move freely. The journey of the mind can be delightfully cyclical however. There may be times when we soar freely and powerfully without the use of any aids – at other times we may benefit from coming back to the beginning and working with the basics. There is no shame in this – only wisdom.