Way of the Shape Shifter – The Secrets of the Shamans

The power in practicing shape shifting is in training our minds to become more than what they believe they can be. The object of shifting is not so important as much as the experiences learned from the shifting.

For example, to imagine and feel that we are a dog we need to let go of certain attachments. We need to expand and focus our imagination. We need to stretch our mind to areas it is unfamiliar with. We contend with feelings of ridiculousness, feelings of doubt. In the face of these resistances we have the opportunity to train and strengthen our visualization and focus and ability to flow.

Beginners on the spiritual path often say that they want to connect to spirit but don’t know where to start – the way seems to elude them. Why not then start with what eludes us? Shape shifting directs our mind to become what it has trouble fathoming. It is the same with spirit.

There is always something more. The conscious mind believes it has seen it all – it becomes complacent then asks why meaning is lacking or why the answers don’t add up. Stretching the mind is the way to keep the mind growing.

Emotions and feelings are what make us who we are. Our decisions come from the desire to fulfill these emotions and feelings.

All these attachments are like various shapes – they come through us and in order to move through we must make ourselves into the appropriate shape or form – then they can move through.
Remember what mind mastery is. It is the ability to move the mind, stop the mind, focus the mind and imagine. What does shape-shifting teach us? It teaches us these very things.

A mind that has stopped does not believe that it can move beyond what it believes “reality” to be. Shape shifting shows the mind that concentrated imagination can surpass what we believe reality is.

Most people have never tried shape shifting before. The very idea seems ludicrous. A perfect training ground for developing mastery. If we do not learn to move beyond the voices of doubt and ridicule within, then we will never master ourselves. Learn to move past the inner doubt and external world critics will have no power over you either.

The power of shape-shifting comes from learning the principles behind how to become many forms. When we understand the principle, we realize that the form itself is not important and we become formless. Each shape we shift into teaches us to let go of who we currently believe ourselves to be and become something that we have always believed we are not. We train to make the impossible possible.

The exact same principles are used in mastering emotions. We become fixed in emotions because we believe that this is all that is possible. When we understand how to stretch what is possible our belief is changed. It is the same with anything that we believe we can’t do – but once we’ve done it again and again then we know without a doubt that we can.

It is all mind.

Work with this exercise:

Pick an object – any object at all.

Focus on it and imagine yourself becoming it.

Feel how you imagine it feels.

“See” how you imagine it would “see”.

“Hear” how you imagine it would “hear.”

If this is the first time you have done it and this exercise eludes you then this is a good sign! It shows that your mind is striving to comprehend something that it presently cannot – it means you are stretching it. Simply keep going with the exercise. Let your doubts be as they are and just focus on the object. Allow the main bulk of your mind as much as possible to be on the object. What ever your level is with this exercise – it is working. Your imagination is being activated, your focus is being exercised – your mind is learning to move.

Observe the object with all your senses.

What is it’s texture?

How does it’s structure feel?

Move your mind into it. Feel the depth and density of it.

Feel and observe the detail of it.

Observe any images, any impressions that you feel or see. Acknowledge them and continue to observe the object.

Become one with it.

Allow yourself to surrender to the merging.

The more regularly you practice this the easier it will become. Remember that what is important is not your doubts about the exercise but whether you continue to focus and imagine anyway.

We can practice shape shifting anywhere. On the train, bus, sitting at home. I’d suggest not doing it while driving a car – states of consciousness can shift rapidly and dramatically with this technique.

Be creative. Practice with people, inanimate objects, tangible and intangible. It’s about training our mind to realize that it is more than it currently believes. This realization increases our ability to act, to create and manifest in spite of doubts and insecurities.

If you have wondered why certain avenues, opportunities or mind states seemed unavailable to you, the practice of shape shifting will open your eyes and mind to understanding why and furthermore allow you to achieve these things.