Activated Energy Structures

The energy structures of the human body became de-activated through the Karmic links to Atlantis and before this the forces of Orion and those beyond the Infinity Gates. The Kundalini path flowed naturally within the human body connecting the 6th plane energies with those of the 3rd, 4th and 5th seamlessly. The breath aligned the energies of the main chakras through the central tube and these communicated with all aspects of the body which were fully conscious and sentient.

It was a lack of energetic ‘resistance’ that allowed us to be transmuted and genetically altered in such a way that we were effectively severed from our original spiritual heritage. This source is the call that many people feel and hear within themselves but it is only an echo of what it should be.

It is our spiritual brethren – effectively ‘those that got away,’ that are flooding the planet with the knowledge and energy to reintegrate the structures necessary for remembering and understanding. Ancient ways of understanding how to bridge and rebuild esoteric and metaphysical structures are being given the opportunity to evolve and be re-evaluated as new faculties for perceiving are being brought to bear.

Up until now we have been using the 5 senses and expanding these to realize the psychic and the intuitive. The new activations are offering to bring us beyond even the 36 strand DNA and into a further 45 strands. This opens the way to fully completing both the gold, red and purple Kundalini channels as well as linking the higher plane Illion chakras into the central tube. These activations bring into use 7 new senses of perception which will open our being to understanding a far deeper realm of consciousness than it can currently imagine.