Bi-location is the ability of the consciousness to be in different locations at the same time. This ability is trained by guiding the consciousness to understand that location is simply an illusion. It is this principle that allows healers to shift disease into pure health instantly or soul projectors to travel through the planes of the Astral at will. The ‘secret’ to making this process work in the physical world is to train the consciousness in the physical plane – it is that simple.

Practitioners who merely train the intellectual or mental aspect of bi-location cannot manifest physical effects for the simple reason that the physical body has not been trained. It is the density of the physical that provides the specific organic understanding that is required for manifesting physical bi-location. This is the difference between visualizing energy flowing within the body and actually feeling the energy flowing in the body. The former occurs at a subtler level of density and the latter occurs at a more solid level. The more ‘solid’ or physical the level of density the more the mind is required to ‘transcend’ or become the ‘bridge’ to linking mind and body.

This is the link between mind, body and spirit that all masters throughout time have spoken about. This is the “illusion” that needs to be dissolved – and when it occurs at the very visceral, organic level of the physical body, then “miracles” can occur. The old guides and ways of learning don’t necessarily need to be discarded, they simply need to be seen as stepping stones to higher potential and unlimited evolution. We need to give ourselves permission to break all the spiritual laws and rules because it is only then that we allow ourselves to truly understand that spiritual truth and understanding can exist even in spite of all rules and laws being broken. It is this principle that allows bi-location to occur.