Ascension is the process of expanding universal consciousness within our mind, body and spirit. It is a cultivation which requires knowing, experiencing and feeling every atom of our being and expanding this matter to connecting through the illusion of separation. When this gap is bridged ascension occurs. This simply follows the messages that all ascended masters have left for us – that all is one.

As the atoms of our being change and become connected to consciousness, the opportunity to direct energy at a deeper more cellular level becomes easy. Spiritual knowledge then gains access at the atomic level with clarity and sentience. It is this connection that provides the foundation for a higher and more expanded experience of spirit. This new foundation becomes normal and then paves the way for still deeper and more expanded experiences and connections.

Each level of consciousness brings a new understanding of its respective ‘rules’ and with this understanding comes a leap in ability and skill. As understanding deepens the principles behind these abilities are internalized, transmuted and the ‘gap’ or ‘separation’ is once again bridged. This process of creating small ‘bridges’ and larger ‘bridges’ keeps the movement of expansion happening. It is this movement which is the process of ascension.