How to Create Laser Like Focus for Manifestation, Meditation and Psychic Mastery

Focus is the single defining attribute that will manifest ideas and dreams into reality.

Focus gives us sustained action to produce results. It allows us to move towards our goal or destination regardless of doubt, fear or external distraction. Focus is the strength to persist, the key to transforming lack of discipline into discipline. It is the “secret” to success in any area.

Without focus positive thinking will never work, ideas will never be created, conscious change will never take place.

Without focus real manifestation never gets beyond moments of inspiration. Dreams remain dreams.

Awareness is knowing where we want to go. Focus is the engine that brings us to our destination.

Focus whether used for physical or mental experience is a trait of the mind – and so it is here where it is developed and trained.

Through practice we learn to deepen our focus as well as lengthen the amount of time that we can maintain it.

I’ve outlined two methods below. They are basic and yet will if practiced regularly will bring mastery to the mind.

1. Breathe deeply into your lower abdomen allowing your mind as much as possible to “be with” the breath. Imagine your breath being infused with focused energy as it flow in and filling your body as you exhale with clear, focus.

2. Allow your breath to be natural and simply observe the rise and fall of your abdomen and front torso area as you breathe. Do nothing except maintain awareness.

The first technique is “active” in that you are consciously directing energy to your body and mind – it is a “doing” method.

The second technique is “receptive” in that you are “listening” or “observing” the breath doing what it normally, naturally does. It is a “being” method.

Most people who practice this technique will find that within seconds their minds will wander. This is the training ground for learning to bring the mind back to the object of focus, in this case the breath. If we whip the mind back to the object over time we will create resentment and tension. It is far more effective to simply favor the object of focus. There is a balance between relaxing too much that the mind drifts away and using just the right amount of concentration. As with all things practice will refine your understanding of what works best for you.

I suggest practicing the first method for a given amount of time then shifting to the second method for the same time. The active method helps to bring energy into the body, the receptive method helps to let the body adapt and make focus and observation natural.

Regular practice will bring results. Even 1 minute a day in the beginning is better than nothing. It is also better to practice every day than doing 1 long session a week. Regularity helps the body and mind adapt easier. Whatever you do, 1 minute or 1 hour – do your best to give 100% to the time you allocate.

These simple techniques will over the weeks and months bring an enormous amount of depth to the rest of the concepts discussed on this site, but this insight will only be forthcoming with regular practice.

These methods are what will make positive thinking work. They are the engine behind emotional mastery and neurological remapping. They are the foundation of any spiritual exploration and higher consciousness development. Over time I will be adding new techniques to this site but the foundation of them all will rely on the practices of focus and observation.