Principles of Dimensional Shape-Shifting

The mind is the portal through which we can experience all dimensions. This is achieved by training the mind to become the key which is needed to open the doors. Quite literally by shaping our minds in a certain way a shift or realization occurs where we are able to perceive and connect with these dimensions. The value of this is understood when we realize that all mind and body states from emotions to expanded spiritual consciousness are dimensional realities.

An excellent foundation for developing our minds to access dimensions is through the chakras. The chakras are gateways of dimensional energy that the body and mind can easily learn to sense. From this sensory base we learn to move through the illusion that the chakras exists only in a certain location*. By learning to work with the mind in specific exploratory ways we allow it to realize that the chakra can in fact exist anywhere on the body, then extending from this – anywhere at all.

*For locations of chakras please refer to the glossary in the sidebar menu.

We need to understand that a chakra’s location is perceived as existing in specific places simply because the mind and body play into this blueprint. Anywhere on the body and as we will learn later, anywhere at all is a potential chakra or energy gate.

We can for instance feel the energy of the third eye chakra through the middle of our calf or for that matter the dining room table.

Location is an illusion which is dispelled when we teach the mind and body to bridge the gap between what we perceive as separate. In and of itself the experience of oneness is a profound and healing experience. Further advantages of learning how to bridge the gap is that we can connect to any dimension we wish anywhere. This goes for emotional, spiritual, physical, or any energetic dimension. We can use this skill to access knowledge, communicate, dissipate negative emotions, create empowering emotions and enhancing healing faculties.

The initial training of shape-shifting teaches us to bridge the gap between objects. It allows us to experience the unity between things and shatters the illusion of separateness. The practice described here of listening to chakra consciousness then moves us into the realm of communication and inter-dimensional awareness.

Begin with this exercise:

Closing your eyes allow yourself to become aware of the area between your eye brows.

Feel for an energy that exists here in this location.

If you cannot feel it then imagine what it might feel like.

Send your imagination out to listen for anything which might be there.

Any thoughts, sights, sounds, distractions – simply let them be. Let them be as they are.

Allow your focus to be placed only on this location and anything which flows from this location.

Allow all else to be like the water surrounding a gemstone. The water exists but we are focused on the gemstone.

Do not be concerned with whether you are focused properly, whether the exercise is working for you or not. By applying your mind in this way, know that it is finding it’s way.

These descriptions are in fact more than the exercise needs to be. Once you have realized the feeling, all descriptions become extraneous. In the beginning however we need these in order to satisfy our minds that we are doing it right. In truth by simply looking and exploring in this area regularly we will begin to see.

It is important to note that apart from the healing and regulating nature of the chakras, that their energy is also a wisdom of their own. It is one thing to control the energy with our minds – it is another to allow the chakras to express and show their own dimensions to us. It is the difference between telling the chakra what we want and listening to what it is.

This is first allowed to happen by attuning our minds to the energy of the chakra. We can then begin to move into it’s dimension – or rather the two dimensions begin to coordinate together. The mind becomes the focal point where this is able to occur.

There is an important skill that is developed here. By giving permission to others to be all that they can be – we are able to realize their power too. When we believe that we know what is best for others and try to control their path we are unable to be fully open to all that they are. There is a perception that we are right and they are wrong. That we know what is best and they do not. A chakra has an essence as much as a human being has an essence and the same principle applies. In fact the same principle applies for love, happiness, enlightenment, peace, joy and so on.

There is a wisdom and intelligence that can only be realized when we allow the universe to “come as it is.”

Without the filter of our expectation, our control and conditions, we are able to experience what these essences actually mean. As long as we place conditions all we truly hear and feel are our perceptions of truth – a far cry from truth itself.

Through listening and learning to “walk in the shoes” of the chakra’s energy, we are able to understand it’s message – then our coordination with it becomes deeply profound and powerful.

As a race human kind has a tendency to use resources whatever these may be without listening and asking. This goes for the earth, this goes for people, this goes for energy. Even in meditation we try to “control this”, “do that” and “make this happen”. It is part of our evolution that we seek to make ourselves “better” – but sometimes better experiences only come through first listening to the knowledge and wisdom that is already before us.

When we seek happiness and empowerment only in what is to come, we take away the opportunity to find it here and now.

Through listening comes understanding, through understanding comes unity. This is where the gap is bridged.

It is ironic that in our attempts to control others we lose the essence of the very power that we are seeking. In allowing ourselves to connect to them as they are – and learning to open ourselves we realize power.

The level of dimensional mind discussed here is sometimes regarded as more difficult to grasp than the usual chakra or energy work – but in fact it is more simple. It is just that we have created complex barriers in the mind. In truth young children would understand this principle in experience if not in words easier than many of us – but therein lies the method and simplicity.

Observe the areas of the mind that would resist. Observe the areas of the mind that are able to imagine possibilities. The imaginative areas are like flowing water. The resistant areas are like dams. We learn to move the flow into the areas that we wish to explore. Leave the resistance to be as it is.

Work with observing all the chakras. Explore the difference between placing your mind at the chakra and allowing it to come to you. Recognize that it is a communication between you and the energy. Play with it. Spending time with your chakras is like spending time with a child – have fun, observe. Build the trust between yourself and the chakra. Communication can only deepen with trust.

Remember that the imagination is the area of the brain that is able to stretch and this is what we are truly developing here. We are expanding and stretching our minds. In time we will want to begin moving and connecting to energies which are far beyond what we currently imagine. Each step grounds us for the next step and allows us greater insight into what is possible.

Expanded consciousness occurs one step at a time.

Keep finding ways to explore the energy of the chakra’s. Then see if you can find this energy at different areas of your body. Explore how far you can move into the dimension of the chakra. Move in so deeply that you become the chakra looking back at yourself. Work with realizing the energy of chakras existing in external objects.

Some of these may feel like a stretch – and that’s how they are meant to feel.

Remember that we are developing a communication. Communication bridges the gap. It is to listen as well as express. To be sensitive to what the connection would like. Through communication we then gain understanding, and through understanding we realize power.