Purpose – The Key to Life Mastery and an Empowered Mind and Spirit

Purpose comes from having meaning, the deeper the meaning, the stronger the purpose. Meaning is born from self questioning. Incessant self questioning – the more the better. Questions often reveal more that needs to be answered, but rest assured that each question whether satisfactory or not is leading us closer to meaning.

Questions are an acknowledgement that there is knowledge worth having and answers worth discovering. The search for answers in itself is a worthy purpose. It is a purpose that reflects a desire for meaning. Without questions we are in effect saying that we do not have the drive to seek more. Without drive, there is no meaning and without meaning there is no purpose. This path of existence leads only to perpetuate suffering.

Meaning reaches its highest peak when every moment of our existence contains the promise of expressing and creating influence.

The greatest obstacle in our way is apathy. It has been said that all the tragedies of our time occurred because everyone else just did nothing. This is the same essence that kills all potential. It is the consciousness that is shaking in its boots and doesn’t want to cause a single ripple in this world. “Please let everything remain safe and within my comfort zone,” it says in a whisper as to hope that no one notices even this fervent wish. So frightened does it become of causing changes that it hides all of its dreams and aspirations under a cloak of apathy. Under this cloak it can pretend that it just doesn’t really care, that everything is fine and dandy. All purpose and meaning gets swept under the rug. Maybe in another life.

Obviously the trick here is to get another manager on the floor.

Apathy produces pitiful results.

The single greatest opportunity that past life visions do for a person is that we get to see all that we have achieved and done. Most of us wince when we realize how many lifetimes we play out the same patterns, but at least it gets us into action.

Purpose when it comes down to it is really about making a difference. It is about observing what it is that we don’t like and making it right. Purpose and meaning is not a difficult thing to understand – we simply make it difficult when we deny to ourselves the aspects that have value. This is why all truth is obvious once it is no longer denied. Destroy illusion and it is easy to see what is going on. What has meaning and what has lesser meaning then becomes clear – and so true purpose becomes defined.