The Essence of Meditation

Meditation is the practice of realization.

In the beginning it seems that we are developing concentration, objectivity, visualization and certain perceptions – whatever the focus of our meditation is. With practice we come to understand that these states have always been there. There has always been a concentrated mind, an objective mind, a mind capable of perceiving the spiritual dimensions. What we are actually doing is removing the illusions of the mind that prevent us from seeing. It is a transformation of belief that exists in body and mind.

This is why it is called realization. We see what is, with “real-eyes.”

What is actually being developed in meditation is awareness and focus. This is all.

Enlightened states, divinity, bliss, emptiness, no-mind, surrender, God force, universal force, chakra energies – these are inter-dimensional states. They already exist. Awareness and concentration allow us to find the places where they exist and to move our consciousness into them.

The most basic tools of meditation are focus and observation, but since the focused mind and the fully aware mind already exist what are we really developing?

We are developing the ability to move through illusions.

Through practice we can experience a supremely focused mind regardless of the fact that another part of our mind seems weary and unfocused. We can experience an infinitely aware mind even though another part of our mind seems overwhelmed and lacks clarity.

This is the beginning of experiencing an infinite mind. It is a mind which can be very normal, very human and down to earth, while at the same time able to move into universal awareness, great strength and courage, and a deep sense of power. It is a mind that can move through illusion which can move between these states.

The most effective way to understand this for ourselves is to experience it. Work with this exercise:

Observe the feeling of your body.

Be aware of the breath.

Be aware of sound.

Be aware of sensation and thought.

Simply observe all that passes through your senses like watching a movie.

If there is agitation – let it be. If there is thought let it be. If there is sound and emotion – let it be.

Place your hand over your navel area.

Feel for a consciousness which is pure focus and deep, calm strength.

Listen for a consciousness which has mastered inner power – that is unshakable.

Feel it and know it.

It exists here and now – allow yourself to find it.

See and feel it blossoming in you with full strength like a sun.

Feel, see and hear your body infusing with this energy.

Feel it nourishing and energizing you.

As with all meditation practices – do not be concerned with whether or not it is or is not working. Simply keep your mind in this area. Allow your consciousness room to play as it discovers the energy here. In play we learn to discover and explore. In exploration and discovery we understand what works for us and what does not.

The energy at your navel area is called by many names one of which is chakra or “energy wheel” but the name is not as important as the meaning – and the meaning is found by self-observation. Whatever we may know intellectually about chakras is nothing compared to what the chakra will communicate to us itself.

In the beginning the chakra may seem weak or non-existent. This is not the case – it is simply that our minds have only learnt to tune in to the most subtle frequencies of the chakra. With practice it seems like the energy of chakra is increasing – like we are developing it. What is actually happening is that they body and the mind are learning to perceive more of it. It already exists in it’s full power – when we allow our minds to perceive then we experience this. For all intents and purposes perception is like stretching – regular practice brings results. There is no such thing as a quick fix to realization – there are layers upon layers upon layers. As the mind learns to move through each layer the skills and understanding developed here help it to learn how to move through the next layer and so on. We can stand at the bottom of the mountain and peruse the best way to get to the top, but until our hands and feet touch footholds and feel what works we will not truly know how the mountain works.

Meditation is about realization. Whether we choose to use this to connect to universal consciousness, to energize the body, focus the mind, bring love into our hearts and knowledge into our souls is up to us as individuals. The principles underlying all these goals however are the same.

It’s about realization.

Beneath the clay exists the masterpiece – the sculptor merely removes the filter so that the naked eye can perceive it.