True Purpose – The Real Reason You Are Here

Evolution is the journey of discovering purpose and meaning. This path is one of self-exploration and it moves us to create experiences that we believe would connect us to meaning and purpose. Through observation and reflection we come to understand the true nature of an experience and the true beginning of meaning and purpose. We come to see that it is not external circumstances, people or places that bring us the deepest meaning, but the way that we find, react and understand those circumstances, people and places.

A journey may go through periods where we seek great material wealth and glory, feeling for a time that this is where we can find real satisfaction. We may also seek knowledge, information and building up our intelligence and wit, believing that this is where we will find meaning. We create these experiences because it is exactly what we require in order to see the truth. It is only through time and experience that we gain the opportunity to observe. Through observation we learn to recognize, and through recognition we learn to understand.

Observation, recognition and understanding only occur when the mind is allowed to immerse itself within experience. By embracing and accepting experience, living and being open to what is available, we give the senses the opportunity to see.

What is it that we see?

What is it that we may measure our experiences up to?

What would make them fall short?

What would make us seek deeper and further?

Why would we risk losing all this for the chance that something else better exists out there?

It is the fact that we see and the fact that we see something of importance, feel something of purpose and meaning, that spurs us to move onwards. It is as if each experience is but a respite, a momentary refreshment for the body and personality, but that before long we remember a feeling or a memory of our purpose and we must move on.