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The Journey To Enlightenment – Part 1 – By Tashi (Guest teacher)

When I lived in the monastery training was very disciplined. Each day was the same as the one before, we would wake at 4am, then meditation, meditation, meditation. Some times we would chant. The chanting would purify the atmosphere around us and the meditation would purify the atmosphere inside us.

When I was 17 I left the monastery and went into retreat. I did this for 4 years. The training was meant to penetrate my illusions and ego, but I found that the more that I tried to slay my ego the stronger it became. Some days it would fight me like a mad dog and other days it would try to be my best friend, bargaining with me and distracting me with visions.

Eventually however all this subsided and I recognized that all of this was simply my karma being burned off. In the 3rd year my Kundalini raised and brought with it a brief bout of madness as it cleared out the remaining debris of my ego. Continuing to practice the simple purification techniques helped to return inner peace from all these conditions. By the 4th year I truly thought that I had achieved something great.

When I returned to the monastery however something was different. Of course everything is always different but this was something very important inside me. I could not quite name it – but I knew that something was wrong. I needed to leave the monastery. 10 days later I made my leave and with blessings from my brothers I made my way to the city.
It was here that I was to face my karma. My path seemingly changed drastically from what had been dedication to Buddhism, yet in time I was to see that this was simply another step on my spiritual road.


The Secrets of Enlightenment – By Tashi (Guest Teacher)

Enlightenment means to bring ‘light.’ In terms that we can practice bring light means to bring awareness and insight to our consciousness. The path of complete enlightenment is the path of bringing light and pure awareness to all aspects of our consciousness.

Are there still secrets to achieving Enlightenment?

The answer is a resounding “yes!” A secret is merely hidden knowledge or mystery. Whether is has been hidden through deliberation or simply because of ignorance and lack of information – it is still hidden and it is still a secret.

The fact that enlightenment is not a common achievement in this world is proof that many such secrets exist. The fact that the mere word “Enlightenment” is often associated with the unachievable or with myth is proof that such secrets exist.

A secret will always be a secret to those that do not know – and so for those that do not know there are many such secrets!

It is the duty of any who would seek Enlightenment to also seek and reveal all the secrets that would limit complete Enlightenment. Some of these secrets will be revealed through your practice, but others need to be shown and will require teaching. A teacher is a seeker who has walked this path a little longer than you have – that is all. They are not superior to you, nor are you inferior to them. It is just like you would teach a baby or a child the ways of this world.

The ancient traditions of achieving Enlightenment are as empowering as they are limiting. So much has been lost because of secrecy within the schools. It is time to share the teachings, but is also time to ask that the teachings be shared. Only when all secrets are revealed will Enlightenment be open to all.


Ascension Activations

A new form of activating spiritual energy within our mind and body has become available to this planet over the last 12 years and is reaching critical mass at this time. Planetary experiences have been moving vital elements into place which are now making it possible to access energies and activate dormant knowledge within our cells and dna. Until now much of this knowledge has been transmitted and used at the mental and spiritual levels, but it has only been through drastic restructuring of the physical nervous system that people have been able to integrate at the cellular and dna levels.

In the past many masters have burnt out or short circuited their physical systems in the development of their spiritual connection. This was mainly due to the lack of planetary energies to support their physicality. The massive influx of energies into this planet over the last 12 years has changed the potential of this completely. The body over this time has been gradually adjusting to the increases and expansions of energies and new information. This has resulted in much information from the higher planes channeling through into modalities and systems on the Earth.

Within the Astral, guilds are forming and strengthening in order to create the opportunities for sentient beings on the Earth to activate and access their higher consciousness and abilities. For the first time in many ages the possibility for mass ascension of not only the subtle consciousness, but the physical body is possible.



Breatharians are those that have mastered the art of absorbing breath as nutrients and energy for the body. It is an exceptionally high level of mind and body manipulation that requires a deep connection at the cellular level of consciousness. Most serious mystics attain a certain level of this ability – that is that they are able to absorb life force directly from the environment or mummify fruits and vegetables.

It is important to understand that the practice of the Breatharian does not ever need to begin with not eating food. Starvation is not the aim of the Breatharian – the aim is to draw in the purest forms of energy for the body and mind as possible. Many simply choose the middle path and consume only the foods with the highest possible vibrations while at the same time practicing the art of drawing pure prana directly into the cells of the body.

The results of channeling pure prana will always be an increase in energy, vitality, clarity, peace and focus. This is a sure indicator that the body and mind is cultivating the art of the Breatharian.


Where Spirit Exists

What is the purpose of spirituality? What are the reasons for it? Why have we created it? Why do we seek spirit? Why is it important to some and irrelevant to others? What has it done for us lately?

Spirituality like anything, only holds power because of the value and meaning that we perceive in it.

This is the reason why real ability and skill is important. Without the ability to perceive and connect with spirit, spirituality is simply a set of blind beliefs. These beliefs remain blind until the ability to see is developed. As long as we are blind or partially blind to spirituality we will not understand the opportunities or benefits available to us. So in a very literal sense, the purpose and reasons for us seeking it will continue to elude us. We may hear stories of spiritual knowledge and power and think “Gee that sounds alright!”, but these will just be thoughts and words without actual experience.

Defining spirituality from experience is important because it separates and distills what holds meaning and value for us from what does not. We need to be clear on what it is that we are seeking and this requires blunt and direct honesty. If we rely on theory and concept over actual experience then we are compromising real understanding. Theories no matter how good are simply ideas. Real understanding comes from taking these ideas and integrating them into a course of action. For example we may have an idea that expressing our emotions is of some use. We may gather all the evidence to support this idea and in our mind it may seem like God’s have gifted us with their wisdom. However without putting this idea into action, without actually expressing our emotions, we will never know the truth of this wisdom.

Spirituality is a big word. It essentially means to connect with spirit, but this in itself holds many unknowns, one of which is “where is this spirit thing?” Interesting then that many aspects of spiritual society choose to hold onto the known and shy from the unknown. Spiritual logic or logic of any kind would suggest that if spirit has unknown qualities, that delving into the unknown would then be a valuable course of action. This is where faith comes into it once more. Faith is a concept and as a concept it becomes refined when it is tested. There are so many untouchable qualities about “spirituality.” Keep pushing and digging in our consciousness and we find a point that wants to cling to dogma, faith and concept. Dig a little deeper and we find fear. It is essentially the good old God fearing persona, the one that does not want to question or investigate its betters for fear of punishment. It is no wonder that with this type of fear that mastery, enlightenment and real power elude us. Again, these fears and beliefs are simply concepts that require testing.

The battlefield where all our beliefs, ideas and concepts are tested is within our own practice. It is through aligning our inner values into our actions. Things can get sticky at times. Sometimes our most cherished ideas get trampled on mercilessly by experiences that reject them. We may for instance have the idea that “spirituality is everywhere and in all things”. It is experience that will either reflect this – or not. Our findings here give us something tangible to work with. If this idea holds under the steady and rigorous criticism of actual experience, not just intellectual argument, then it contains true value. If it does not hold this does not necessarily mean that the idea is invalid, it may simply require that our abilities and skills require further development. Of course sometimes we need to admit that what once seemed like a novel idea just doesn’t cut it in the real world.

This is how we evolve our spiritual understanding and as our understanding evolves, so too does our understanding of where spirit exits. This is essentially what is happening – we are understanding connection, but connection can only be understood by experiencing where the object of connection exists. Spiritual connection or existence then is a process of looking and finding, as well as looking and not finding. The places where spirit exists then provide a connection – places with which to develop paths to our consciousness. The places which do not connect are not discarded, but rather we refine the method of connection within ourselves.

An interesting thing happens when we test our ideas, concepts and beliefs. The destruction of these makes the mind more fluid. Through this flexible flow, we regain the ability to connect where once we could not. Once again our understanding changes, as the places that we knew with+ certainty that spirit was not, open up and show us that it is in fact there. This opening does not occur through wishful thinking, holding onto ideas, concepts or beliefs. It occurs through practice, critical thinking, developing ability and understanding.


Inner Peace – Transforming Darkness into Enlightenment

Peace is a truly destructive influence. Any energy that meets peace is instantly changed by the very fact that it is met with complete acceptance and embrace. There is no struggle or attempt to change it at all. All intention, all perspectives, all moves and counter moves are accepted completely. Every other energy within the universe seeks to express a specific frequency or influence. Peace is different. Peace takes whatever comes and because the energies have no resistance to bounce back off and thus no cause for expression and recreation, these energies are destroyed. They are destroyed and transformed into peace themselves. Complete annihilation of the form and essence of the energies involved.

This is how the peaceful warrior works. There is no co-existence. Everything the peaceful warrior closes with, the peaceful warrior destroys – completely. There is no malice or hatred. These would require that their opponents be wrong and thus the belief that they should change. Peace takes all comers as they are. Right and wrong are both embraced and destroyed unconditionally.

The true essence of peace is one of the reasons that it is so misunderstood on this planet right now. We have a tendency to believe that peace means that we must avoid struggle, conflict and agitation. The truth is the opposite. Peace runs towards struggle, conflict and agitation just as easily as it runs towards love, joy and bliss.

The type of peace that avoids struggle has no chance of creating peace in a world that contains struggle.

The type of peace that avoids hatred, anger and sadness has no chance of creating peace in a soul and mind that experiences these aspects.

A peace that is not able to make peace with struggle and conflict is a very limited peace indeed. It is a peace that only exists when it ignores or creates ignorance and denial. On the other hand a peace that opens its arms to everything is a peace that exists regardless of struggle, agitation and conflict. In truth unconditional peace is the only true peace. For how can we call it peace if we are secretly afraid of feeling fear, hate, anger or sadness? This simply becomes a game of peace. An illusion that we create to fool ourselves in believing and hoping that we are content and at peace. It’s a perfectly normal and human game to play, but it will never deliver the goods compared to real inner peace.

The minute we stop running, pretending and denying our so called negativities and dark sides – all of it trembles. It trembles because we’ve turned and looked it in the eye. It’s the beginning of creating real destruction and transformation. It’s the beginning of real peace – looking and feeling who we are and letting it be as it is.

All the illusions of spiritual and religious dogma may at that moment be booming in our ears. How can we be spiritual and such conceited people at the very same time? How can we strive for such lofty peaks and yet feel such base emotions?

Let them come.

The more we let them come as they are, the more we feel their taint. The more we feel it, embrace it and allow it to be as it is – the greater our peace.

It may not be evident at first.

It may feel dirty, disgusting, tainted or just plain wrong.

And well it should.

Real peace is not requiring that it change. Not one bit. In time that consciousness that is letting things be will look in the mirror. It will see something special, something that does not struggle, that yields to everything and that accepts everything. In that reflection that consciousness will realize how great its inner peace has grown. It has grown large enough to perceive, to feel and to be a true destroyer of all that comes its way.


The Zero Point – The Ultimate Manifestation Power

The zero point is a state of consciousness where no distance exists. This means that the beginning exists within the end, awareness exists with ignorance and power exists with impotence. The reason that this state is so powerful is due to the fact that healing, manifestation and empowerment can occur instantly. There is no pause between here and there, because here and there exist in the same point.

For all things to exist in the same point is to mean that all things are one. It is this unity that allows mind, body and spirit to be one. It is this unity that allows the Shaman to become the wolf. It is this unity that allowed Nicola Tesla to be the mind of technology.

Embracing destruction is important in order to experience the zero point because without destruction we will not conquer our limiting beliefs and emotions. Destruction provides room for movement or creation. Creation creates experience which then opens the way for reflection and observation, which then paves the way for further destruction and refinement.

The zero point consciousness is found through destroying all that is separate. The more that unity is created, the more that separation is destroyed. The creative phase appears as a result of this. Although energy is not actually destroyed, the form, essence and the meaning that it represents can be.

Zero point consciousness has the potential to completely destroy the form, essence and meaning of energies.

It is this power that makes it so valuable to healers and adepts of all kinds. This power is also the reason why complete zero point consciousness can usually only be accessed by those that have spent the time and done the work stretching and conditioning their mind. The conditioning of the mind ensures that along with power, the adept also has control and perception.

Certain technologies and psychedelic drugs are able to connect the mind and body to a relatively strong zero point consciousness and many realizations can be had in this state. There is however no real control, since the very tools that determine control are the faculties that are used to develop a firm and measured grasp on zero point consciousness from scratch.

The massive difference is whether it is the zero point that directs us or us that directs the zero point.

Having the power to manifest and make powerful connections instantly may sound great, but the ramifications are huge if we are not in control. A mind that is unable to focus or manage its many emotional states can and will create more pain and suffering for itself when it has the power to do so. Just as a healer can transpose a diseased state, zero point consciousness can also bring on a diseased state.

The experience is completely different when all the supporting muscles of the mind and consciousness have been developed, and it is the very development that takes place when training with control to connect to zero point that develops these muscles. This provides the ability to create, sustain and manage the profound amounts of energy involved.

This planet has been littered with the corpses of minds eager for spiritual quick fixes and answers, but not willing or knowing enough to do the work required to get these. The answers have always been the same. Lack of control leads to power out of control.

Zero point consciousness is a destination of profound value. This value is only truly open to us when we develop it through the use of our own faculties and senses. It is only then, that we have the control and perception to direct it.


The Power of Perception – The Key to Mastering Reality

Power without perception has no true value. In the first, without perception, we will not even know power to exist. In the second if our perception is not up to scratch we’ll not know what to do with it. Perception is vision and clarity. It is seeing the big picture but also remembering the small details. When we have perception the ways and methods of power become simple and clear. As a result this type of power has profound value.

Clarity brings the ability to understand the why and how of things. The why and the how are the nuts and bolts of reality. When we can see how and why they hold everything together, we can loosen a nut here and tighten a bolt there or make everything come crashing down and perhaps build a new structure.

Perception and clarity also clears out all the superfluous garbage from our minds and body. Instead of wasting time and energy juggling meaningless variables and theories, we just take in the whole in a glance and see exactly what needs to be done to affect everything. Obviously this attribute is valuable for everything from healing to meditation and manifestation.

There are two fundamental directions that perception can move toward: inward and outward. By maintaining awareness at the sense doors where the external and the internal meet it, we are able to understand the interaction between both. Working with the creative and destructive cycles, the point of transformation occurs within this point. Moving into this point allows for a deeper perception of creation and destruction. The loop or cycle of transformation become tighter as creation and destruction begin to occur swifter, each taking the place of the other in rapid succession. Look for the point where both exist simultaneously and observe for a still point. This still point of zero point provides a completely different space from the reality of creation and destruction. It stands apart and is unaffected by cause and effect and yet its presence and acknowledgement affects all around it. This is they entry point into the void, stillness and eternity. It is through this infinite well that healers and magicians attempt to transpose reality.


Self Mastery ~ Become the Master of Your Own Destiny

Mastery is developed when we learn to understand all aspects of consciousness. Depth and expansion is gained from striving to reach into the unknown. Exploring that which has not been explored and learning to create understanding and wisdom.

Realization is a process of shedding layers of perception. Perspective and consciousness grows by the depth and expansion gained from moving through those layers. It is a highly creative and focused process. Each layer of perception that we move through requires that we grasp and then let go. We let go each time that our mind realizes that what we knew to be reality, was not in fact all there was to reality. We grasp each time we stretch our minds and expand our perception. We strive to learn more, then let go of this striving.

The practice of realization can and will be real hard work at times, but it is this work that bears the fruits of real joy, inner peace and love.

The human magnetism at this time, particularly where spirituality is concerned needs to get over the belief that spirituality is all about being effortless, instant and easy. Sure, this reality exists, but it is an extremely limited one as far as experiencing enlightenment, empowerment or inner peace. The path of finding easy answers is a path that separates the emotions of patience from impatience, frustration from peace and discipline from apathy. It is this very separation that will keep us from experiencing that true power is found in unity. If we seek real empowerment and enlightenment yet run from impatience, frustration and apathy, then we are running in the wrong direction. We must expose the power buried within these energy states – it is only then that the illusion is lifted. Otherwise we are like puppets being controlled by strings. The path of mastery would cut these strings forever – and forever as always, starts here and now.

Understanding what opportunities hold real power for us is the first step in experiencing real power. All through time masters and teachers have understood the power of developing patience, persistence and self-discipline. At the same time they faced their impatience, their frustrations and their desires for power and glory. The very basics of their training involved facing these emotions, looking them square in the eye, feeling the fire fully, yielding in mind, but in spirit not an inch. This training would always separate those that sought quick and easy answers and those that truly were committed to the path of mastery. Those that could not face their impatience, their desire for instant answers and frustrations had shut the door on themselves.

When we turn away from our impatience, frustration and aversion to hard practice we also lose the opportunity to master these aspects. Not only this, but we have not even begun to develop the most basic attribute of mastery – control. If we cannot control our mind in spite of our impatience, frustrations and aversions then the battle is over before it has even begun. Much spiritual marketing would have us believe that mastery, enlightenment and empowerment can be bought and achieved without any undue strain or effort. This simple lie can be dissolved simply by understanding spiritual logic:

Enlightenment is only achieved by bringing light to the dark.

Mastery is only achieved by understanding and developing control of those aspects that would control us.

As long as we hide from our weaknesses then our weaknesses are free to control us through our subconscious. Empowerment is not simply a rush of endorphins running through the body or some affirmations that we are in fact enlightened already. Empowerment is a systematic and highly logical process of exploring, observing and listening for free form energy within our mind, body and spirit. This process requires persistence and the ability to be true and sincere because in our exploration we can and will find aspects that challenge us deeply. The very act of committing to a daily, regular routine of self-work is in itself going to bring up “stuff.” It doesn’t need to be a big deal, but it becomes a big deal when we run away from this “stuff” day after day and year after year. After a while we become very practiced at running away, but have no idea of how to stand our ground.

Control is developed when we choose to face each aspect that would challenge us. Discipline is developed when these choices are made repeatedly. Mastery is made when we meet those parts with complete understanding and strength.


Two Paths – Releasing Our True Power and Purpose

There are essentially two paths that we may choose from at any time – that of increasing awareness and truth, or that of delaying it. Awareness seeks connection, unity, understanding and truth. Denial and delaying seeks separation, removal and truth.

The path of awareness is the path that finds complete understanding through unity of all that is. Instead of seeking to separate from darkness, evil, hate, anger, negative thoughts and painful emotions, the path of unity seeks to feel through illusions that the mind has created around these. Where the path of denial would attempt to separate the True Self from darkness and negativity, the path of unity brings awareness to ignorance, enlightens the dark, and exposes love in all the places of pain, hate and suffering. The path of separation creates hierarchies of experience, where the mundane cannot be profound and the student cannot be the master. On the other hand the path of unity bridges the gap between the ordinary and the enlightened and the student and the master.

The path of denial and separation understands power because of that separation. It is the perception of relative difference, that would express one experience as higher than another. Yet this difference will cease to exist on the path of unity. There will still be forms, expressions and individuality, but the defining of them as higher or lower will be gone. This occurs because the mind that would experience one thing as better and another thing as worse has learnt to feel and see the truth. The truth is that better or worse, higher or lower is a perception of consciousness that once purified allows us to be free of the need to divide and separate. At this point we see the path of denial and separation for what it truly is. A perfect game that we have created in order to experience the evolution and growth that we were unable to experience when we knew were whole. It is the perfect marriage for growth and experience. To deliberately create a state of forgetfulness knowing full well that memory will pull us to striving, struggling, practicing, growing and working our way to remembering once again.

The meaning in all this growth however needs to be remembered. It needs to be remembered that however perfect the game, however predetermined, that because of the perfection of creating finite consciousness we have the opportunity to move outside the game, through a path that exists within infinity yet has its own control and mastery within this space. Instead of being played by our own game, we become aware of and begin to direct the rules of the game. Meaning becomes something that we are, not something that we search for and we learn to walk between worlds, free and awake.